Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Valice- Batman

Dynasty totaly took her by surprise when he kissed her, but before she could say anything he turned around and started running. He took the soldier out before she even realised he was there and then- the Unnamed stood right in front of them.
"Dynasty I thought I killed you!", he said surprised.
"You cannot kill me!" Dynasty answered with a smile.
"You let him out him, Valice? You stand up against me?"
"Ah, well, I guess that's one way to see it. Although it's not my way to see it!"
"Ah, and what's your way?"
"I don't agree with your methods and I'd really like to just stay out of this."
"Ha, you people are all the same, you and your morals!"
"So you're gonna kill us now, right?", she asked. 
"Yes, I'm going to kill you, but not yet. First I'll show you that those morals don't help you with anything. When I killed all this sorcerers who dared to stand up against me and when this world is mine- than I'll kill you."
"You defenitly watched to much Batman!", Valice said with a small grin. "Batman?", the Unnamed asked. 
"Yes, Bane says something quite similar to him in The Dark Knight Rises."
"Is he powerfull?"
Valice looked at Dynasty, who raised an eyebrow and said: "Ahm, yeah, I think so..."
The Unnamed waved at a middle-aged woman and said: "Bring me this Batman-guy, now!"


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Is laughing so hard that the laugh is silent*
    I can't breath!!!!
    *Keeps laughing*
    Oh GOD that was funny!!!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! XD

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  3. Oh, my god this is so funny!