Saturday, 8 June 2013

Requiem - Enter Sable

This is 'cause I think we need someone on the bad guys side and I don't think Valice and Dynasty are going to be very popular there any more...

Sable looked at the row of Hollow Men stood in front of him. They were silent and unmoving but he knew that if he took even one more step forward they would attack. The only problem was, he had to get past them.

He stepped forward.

The first Hollow Man swung it's fist towards him and he ducked and sent his fist slamming upwards into it's jaw. It staggered back and he turned as a second one attacked. He dodged again and felt a third pair of hands close on his throat as another Hollow Man attacked from behind. He brought both his hands up and reached behind him. His gloved hands slammed into the Hollow Man and shadows poured into it. It slumped backwards and he whipped his hands round, sending shadows at the next three attackers. He had the advantage now and he pressed forward. Soon all the Hollow Men lay on the floor around him and the room was clear.

There was a slow handclap behind him. He whirled, hands raised but dropped them again when he saw who it was.

'I'll admit it's a good way of keeping yourself  but one really has to observe that it isn't an effective use of Hollow Men.'

Sable shrugged. 'I like to be ready for anything. Unfortunately, I think the Sanctuary might object if I practised with mortals.'

'Indeed,' the Unnamed gave a faint smile. Behind him, Lord Vile stood impassive and still. 'It was certainly an impressive display.'

Sable nodded his thanks. 'You're too kind. But we both know that you're not here so we can compliment each other.'

The Unnamed gave another faint smile. 'You are most astute Sable. The fact is, we've suffered a minor setback. The Australian Sanctuary's attack was unexpectedly successful and, although both sides have suffered heavy losses, they managed to beat us. Mainly due to several unexpectedly skilled fighters, a traitorous pair of my own sorcerers and Lord Vile's own experience with another pair of sorcerers who refused to die, we have lost our main base. You have a good set up here and Vile tells me that you can be relied on as a supporter to my cause. So I've come to ask you to join me.'

Sable looked at the Unnamed. 'And if I agree, you want to set up your headquarters here?'
The Unnamed didn't respond.

Sable turned to Vile. 'Are you still as good as they say you are?'
Vile didn't move either but the shadows swirling around him thickened almost imperceptibly.

Sable wasn't bothered by their impassiveness. 'I take that as a yes,' he muttered. He looked back at the Unnamed. 'Well, your kind has always had my support. It will be nice to get out and fight again. I will join you. You are welcome here.'


  1. Ooh, I like this Sable guy.
    But I also like Hollow men.

  2. Oh Sable has nothing against Hollow Men...he just has a lot of them. And he has to stay the best