Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Requiem - A fight

Requiem hadn't left the side of the sorcerer named Duck. He was the only person she knew in this mess, other than the Unnamed and Vile, and he seemed capable enough. She knew that he was fighting beside her but right now she was rather distracted.

The reason for her distraction was the necromancer currently throwing shadow knives at her.

With no defensive magic of her own to counter them, she was forced to duck and dodge repeatedly as the knives sliced through the air towards her. They were coming thick and fast and it was getting harder and harder to avoid them. One caught her on the edge of the leg, lost her balance and cried out as she stumbled into the path of a second knife that embedded itself in her shoulder.

Letting out her pain in a stream of colourful language she ducked behind a Cleaver and shut her eyes, reaching out with her mind for the necromancer, making sure to keep well clear of Vile and the Unnamed. Now was not the time to find out if her powers worked against them.

Touching the necromancers thoughts, she knew where he would throw the next knife and she stepped to one side, pulling the Cleaver with her. THe necromancer had fixed his attention on the Cleaver and she used the lull to focus. She shut her eyes and concentrated.

The thick volley of shadow knives coming from the necromancers own blade stopped. As he stared in confusion at the knife, the Cleaver dived fowards and she felt his thoughts blink out. Quickly she stood up and turned to find another sorcerer behind her.

Not for the first time she regretted not having a physical power as she desperately tried to defend herself from his attacks. Even as she fought, she became aware of how badly this battle was going. She could see Duck in the corner of her eye, desperately trying to hold off two opponents of his own. The situation was the same, eveywhere she could see. This fight was not going well.

The other sorcerer's fist hit her in the jaw and she stumbled backwards, head spinning. No, this was not going well at all.

What were they going to do?


  1. OHHHH What's going to happen next?!!!!

  2. Um Requiem can I save you?
    If you don't want me to that's fine!

  3. Thank you Misti, I need saving. Probably a lot. 'Cause you know, I'm kinda pretty rubbish at fighing. You want me to get into anyone's head, that's fine. You want me to beat someone up? Go find someone else