Saturday, 22 June 2013

Requiem Noble - File Deliveries

Requiem was sat in the Sanctuary trying to look like she knew what she was doing. She wasn't used to the Australian Sanctuary and she had absolutely no idea where she was. As she tried to figure out what the last room she'd passed that she recognised was she heard quick footsteps.

A sorcerer hurried up to her, holding a bag. It looked familiar. He passed it to her and Requiem smiled as she looked inside and saw the set of knives sat on the top. She looked up to thank the sorcerer but he was already speaking.

'A sorcerer named Mistical has been asking your Sanctuary for the file on Lord Vile. Normally it would need an Elder's approval before it could be dispatched but these aren't normal circumstances. Your Grand Mage evidently trusts your judgement and, as you are his representative here, he asks you to confirm whether it is necessary.'

Requiem looked at him.

'Are you seriously asking whether we need information on Vile? You know the situation here as well as I do. If Misti wants that file, give her the file. In fact, why don't you just photocopy it for every sorcerer left here.'

The sorcerer remained impassive. 'As you say.' He turned, pulling out his phone. He muttered into it and a few moments later a boy with spiky hair and a cocky grin appeared beside him. There was a thick file in his hand. He passed it to Requiem who scowled at him. Five days ago she'd spent twenty-four hours on a plane to deliver a file here and she still hadn't gone home. And now, evidently file delivery was a priority.

'You should be thanking our Teleporter here,' said the sorcerer reproachfully. You Grand Mage asked for him to collect some things for you. He gestured to the bag slung over her shoulder. Instantly, she regretted being so selfish. They were in the middle of a huge crisis here and all she could think of was herself.

When she looked up again the Teleporter was gone and the sorcerer was hurrying away. She pulled one of her throwing knives from the bag, weighing it in her hand, smiling at the familiar weight. With no idea where she was, she spun the blade in her palm and headed off down the corridor to which it pointed.

It was time to find Mistical and give her that file.


  1. Cool!

    Yes photo copying it is a EXELENT idea!

  2. know, the fact that WE'RE ALL DYING HERE has evidently not occured to the Irish Sanctuary...

  3. Really good!
    Ano its a bit late but I'm catching up on the whole story so I can right my next post!