Sunday, 1 September 2013

Valice- The Unnamed's power

We can win this!, Valice thought. She stood behind the Unnamed with Mistical and Chione, Dynasty and Duck were in front of him and the Unnamed was barely able to move with his leg sliced of. They started their attack. Chione made knifes and gave them to everyone who hadn't an own knife, and then she cut of three fingers of the Unnamed's hand. Then Dynasty cut of the whole hand. The Unnamed roared and cried out in pain, and that was when it all went wrong. 
Suddenly, there was someone else in the room. A man, a necromancer as it looked like. 
"Watch out, don't let him shadow-walk the Unnamed away!", Dynasty said.
Valice pushed against the air, but the man destroyed her wall of air with his shadows. He shadow walked, and stood in front of the Unnamed. This time, he wasn't able to destroy the stream quick enough and he stumbled foreward. Duck pushed against the air and he would have crashed against the opposite wall, but suddenly the Unnamed raised his arm with the hand he had left. Valice saw something silver, he had grabbed one of Chione's knifes, and now he used it to cut the necromancer nearly in half. The man was dying and the Unnamed grabbed one of his arms and suddenly all the shadows seemed to go over to the Unnamed and formed a new leg and a new hand. 
So this was his power, this was the reason why he was able to use so many different disciplines- he absorbed the magic from dying people.


  1. OH ****!!!!

    If that's the case then we better not die around him!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH *Runs away* THIS IS BAD NEWS!!!!!!!

    On the up side, Great chapter Valice!


  3. Thank you! :)
    But if you have another idea you can change it if you want!