Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dynasty - Unknown Magic

The Unnamed shot multiple shots of beams at Valice and Dynasty, a wall of shadows to block it. The beams tore through the shadows and Valice was knocked to the ground. Dynasty jumped after her. Mistical and Sam were trying to take down the Unnamed but he kept on batting them away. Valice wasn't breathing but Dynasty knew what that was, so he lifted her up. WOW SHE'S LIGHT! He carried her to a lounge that the Unnamed used to make his plans and lay her down on the sofa to recover. He ran and when he found the Unnamed he jumped on his head and pulled. Suddenly Dynasty was threw into a wall. Suddenly he felt a new burst of magic but he couldn't tell what it was. He lightly flopped on the floor. He got up and jumped on the Unnamed again. With a burst of energy, again he couldn't tell what it was he tore the Unnamed's head off.

I'm baaaaaack! Guys I dunno what magic ability to have soooo.... in the comments suggest a magic for me and I will use them 2 help me to decide a magic! I might even use one of them! Good 2 be back!


  1. Great Chapter Dynasty!

    Um as for magic, Um suer strength?

    Not just in your arm but in your legs ... ?

    It add up to me, couse you said Valice was light and you ripped the Unnamed's head off, with you bare hands. So my guess is super strength.

  2. I agree with Misti, it could be super strength!

    Btw, I'm a little confused: is the Unnamed dead now or will he come back??

    Great chapter!

    1. No his head can just come back on and I MIGHT have super strength.

    2. Because decapitation only works on almost everything (as we learned) :D

    3. Decapitation doesn't really work on cockroaches ... well it dose bit only after 20 something days (I think)

      Maybe his body can move after it's been decapitated like a chickens, and somehow collects the head and re-attaches the head by healing the ripped ligament and bone. (This is me blurting out ideas for anyone to use). Umm because we don't know what previous powers that has absorbed are other than the one that we've already witnessed. So he could have the powers of a cockroach/chicken. ... *is trying to imagine a chicken with a cockroach head* ... that looks odd.

    4. Hahaha, wow, now I have a really weird picture in my head...! :D

  3. Yeah, super stength like Mr Bliss