Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mistical Future - Rage

“You, you … killed him!” said Mistical astonished, “he was your comrade and you killed him in cold blood” Mistical felt the anger welling up inside her
“What’s it to you, he was your enemy and it was likely that he was going to die anyway” said the Unnamed as he stood up he was completely healed
“You know what he may have been my enemy but I wouldn’t have killed him unless I had to” said Mistical
“Ah you see in order for me to survive I had to kill him” said the Unnamed calmly “So I had to kill him”
“Son of a bitch” said Mistical, the Unnamed shrugged and she was about to lunged when Dynasty’s shadows wiped at him, closely followed by  Duck’s and Valice’s fire. Mistical saw a wall of shadows appear before the Unnamed. Mistical ran towards a wall and kicked off, twisted and caught hold of a support beam. Mistical hulled herself up in one swift motion then walked around on the support beams till she was above the Unnamed. Mistical pulled out a knife that Chonie had made earlier out of her belt and held it in her left hand. Mistical held her sword in her right hand and dropped on the Unnamed, it was very ‘Assassins Creed’ like. The dagger became imbedded in the Unnamed left shoulder and her sword sliced through his right. The Unnamed howled in pain, Mistical pulled her sword free when shadows erupted from the Unnamed’s back and Mistical slammed into the beam that she had dropped from. Mistical grunted on impact and she was luckily because she had her jacket done up so the shadows didn’t penetrate her stomach. The Unnamed stood and when he did Mistical’s sword sliced the shadows and she fell on him, both the dagger and the sword where driven into the Unnamed’s left shoulder. The Unnamed tried get away but the dagger and the sword’s blades where crossed through his shoulder. The shadows went wild and Mistical tugged at the blades, but she didn’t try to pull them out she pulled them towards her keeping them in the Unnamed’s shoulder. There was a crack and a pop; the Unnamed’s shoulder had dislocated and part of his collarbone broken. Mistical pulled the sword and dagger free but didn’t pull upwards; instead she pulled down, the blades sliced through the majority of the Unnamed’s shoulder. The Unnamed pulled away, his arm was hanging on by a small amount of flesh and skin at the top of his shoulder, when he moved the whole arm twisted backwards and the small amount of flesh snapped under the weight and the Unnamed arm fell to the ground. Mistical growled and lunged again, the rage burning inside her.


Sam kicked the last sorcerer, just has he saw the pillar of red flicker. It flickered another two timed then the light died. Dam, times up! Though Sam then he saw Lord Vile standing, he looked unscathed and the shadows squirmed around him looking ready to kill. But then Vile dropped to his knees, and he began to fall face first onto the ground, he moved his hands to stop himself, he was on his hands and knees for half a second then he collapsed onto the ground and didn’t move. Swik landed beside Sam,
“Is he dead?” she asked,
“No, I saw him move, but he appears completely drained of energy. I’m actually half surprised that he’s still in on piece.” said Sam
“What, really? So you think he should be in pieces?” asked Swik
“More or less, you see that trap that we placed needs the user’s magic to activate it and some of that power is used to power the trap. The magic is multiplied and then used agents the target, but that’s only one quarter of the magic used to power the trap. The rest of the power comes from the target. Once the trap is activated then the trap will steal some of the target or target’s magic then multiply it and use it against them. And the more powerful the mage or the more of them there is the more powerful the attack is. With the sheer power that the trap was producing any regular mage would be incinerated especially if they didn’t have protective clothing. So yes I’m surprised that he’s intact but it looks like he used all of his magic protecting himself, so I don’t know, he might stay down for a while … at least I hope” said Sam looking at Lord Vile.


  1. The Unnamed has only one arm left and Vile is sleeping- or whatever it is he is doing, recovering maybe- this really is looking like we have a chance to win! :D

    Awesome chapter Misti! :)

    1. Thanks Valice! And yeah we have a bit of a chance plus Misti's angry and that's not a good thing for the Unnamed! XD
      Let the fun begin! >:D

  2. Who's died??? Great chap sorry I haven't been writing I've been busy!

    1. Some necromancer who wanted to shadow-walk the Unnamed away! :D