Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mistical Future - Second time lucky?

Um since it seemed like no one was writing anything I decided to get the fight started. Sorry it's a bit short.

They all heard the gunshot, it rung loudly in their ears, all of the Unnamed’s people flinched then looked to the sky. The Unnamed cried out and dropped to the ground. Dam, he’s not dead thought Mistical, Swik took a chunk out of the right side of his ribcage though, not bad considering from where she sot. Everyone charged at the enemy using the momentary confusion to their advantage.
“Everybody if necessary do not hesitate to kill” shouted Mistical, “This is a kill or be killed situation!” Mistical slashed a mages leg, they cried out and dropped to the ground, however they sent a bolt of shadows at Mistical. She spun and sliced the shadow, then ran back and sliced there object of power.
“Watch out for necromancers!” shouted Mistical, “Destroy the object that houses there power!” Mistical spotted another Necromancer and pulled out a gun, “This isn’t my stile” she muttered as she shot the necromancer’s bracelet and it was destroyed. Mistical aimed at the Unnamed’s head and shot but someone moved in the way and copped a bullet to the leg.
“Dam, someone always gotta make things harder than they are” she muttered as she ran for the Unnamed, but someone reached him first and they shadow walked, Mistical swore loudly and tried to locate then but to no avail. She growled and smashed a nearby man in the nose,
“Well you’re in a bad mood” said Sam from behind her
“I could have shot the Unnamed but someone got in the way, I could have sliced his head off but someone else shadow walked him away!” said Mistical burning with rage
“Ah ok then, well you try and find them and I’m going to deal with the people over here” said Sam as he pointed to a few new people joining the fight
“Ok you do that and I’ll try and find them in all this chaos. Oh and did you give everyone a gasmask?” asked Mistical, they had heard that there was a large number of hollow men around the place so they brought everyone a gasmask,
“Sure everyone has one just like this” he said as he held up a small gasmask that covered only the nose and mouth, it was orange and green and looked exactly like a gasmask that the Joker made a woman use in the old 1989 Batman movie but with elastic so the mask wouldn’t fall down. “See you soon” he said and pushed that air knocking a couple of the men over and sent some stumbling.


  1. I just googled this mask... maybe they'll spend enough time laughing at us so we can kill them! ;D

    Great chapter!
    I'll try to write something soon.

    1. Yeah maybe they will, I though the masks would be a little funny! I just had and image where they all wear them so I though let's not just have any mask let's have Joker masks! XD

  2. It IS funny, that's for sure! ;D
    And the Joker is one of the best villains, Heath Ledger was amazing! :D