Monday, 15 July 2013

Dynasty - Torture

A cell. The flames had not burned him. He had put them out. He was terrible at gravity but he reckoned if he could put a small fire out, he could become pretty good. He had become stuck in this cell for one month today. And he was actually quite.

He had been prodded. They couldn't use force as he was thirteen. They hadn't got anything out of me. The Unnamed was angry about this but Vile, Dad hadn't wanted this so the Unnamed had agreed to only prod me until I was fourteen. Then REAL force would come in.

He was fourteen on 16 September. 
It was quite far away but the countless attempts of escaping had been terrible and if he didn't watch he would be in here fourteen and die. 
He needed to get out.
A escape plan but one thing crowded his mind.
Was she alright.
Had she got out? Was she alive? She could be in a cell in agony!
He needed to get out and find her and keep alive.
Suddenly two RedHoods came to the door.
Torture time.

He sat on the table Four RedHoods, Four SenseWardens, and the Unnamed.
He sat with the prodding stick and poked him.
Dynasty thought about an escape plan, trying to ignore the pain, because the one thing the Unnamed hadn't told Lord Vile was that each time he was prodded he was given a major electric shock. 

Sorry I've been distant latley. Been busy. Will be posting more now! Dynasty's back!


  1. well at first I thought the prodding was nothing then you said it had electric shocks, that's when I'm like oh ok not that nice.

    maybe we could rescue you in our second attempt to kill the Unnamed? but mind you the attempt is likely to be a complete fail because we have lost the all important element of surprise which would have made up for our lack of numbers.

    Good chapter and i'm glade your back!

    1. Should I start the attack in my next chapter lIKE i see you and I'm like over here? Up to you's though! Thanks!

    2. Yeah sure you can start the attack. I've just got to write one about us getting there and introduce my characters friend and that's currently in the proses of being done.

    3. Ok I will start writing that one tomorow mabybe earlier..

  2. Great chapter, we'll try to get you out of there as soon as possible!!