Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Duck- Some yelling and some recruitment.

After the meeting most of the other were on their phones calling in allies or getting their beds set up but Duck had to leave as soon as possible.
"You can't leave now," said Mistical after Duck asked to be excused. "We're going to be plotting strategies and planning escape routes and preparing ourselves."
"Yes, I know. But I have to leave, duties call," replied Duck. "And anyway, my friend doesn't have a phone so I have to get in contact with him."
"Okay, just get back here as soon as you can."
"Yep, I will," said Duck and he headed out the door.

That was a horrible meeting, thought Duck as he hailed a taxi and waited to get to the Sanctuary, they didn't really organise that much, Mistical and Sam were flirting for most of the time, and they didn't serve us any coffee! Or tea! There weren't any scones either, or Tim Tams, or any biscuits for that matter. The next time Duck is meeting some people it will be at his place and everyone can devour as many Tim Tams as they want.
Duck suddenly felt hungry.
He told the taxi driver to drive through to the nearest take-away store there is. It ended up being McDonald's, because there are MacDonald's on nearly every corner nowadays. Duck ordered, payed, collected his 10 Soft Serves, then told the taxi driver where they were going again.

When Duck arrived at the Sanctuary, licking on his last Soft Serve, the Administrator ran up to him. His face was red, his suit was stained under the arms, his face was covered in sweat, and he looked angry.
"Where the bloody hell have you being?" The Administrator roared. Before Duck could reply the Administrator started yelling again. "Do you know how many people we have working here? Bloody twenty! Twenty! Do you know how much extra work everyone has being doing because you left? A lot! And you've being away for hours! We have limited staff and a catastrophe happening! And where do you decide to go? McDonald's!"
"Yes, I did go to McDonald's but..." said Duck but he was interrupted before he could finish.
"Yes you did! You did go there and you took seven hours to do it! Like really! Who spends that much time at McDonald's! I ought to tell the Grand Mage about this! We shouldn't be paying sorcerers if they take all that time off!"
The Administrator kept blabbing on like this for quite some time. Duck's Soft Serve was melting.
"And the printer! That bloody printer has stuffed up again! If you were here you could have fixed it but no! You were at McDonald's!" The Administrator started to turn around in a circle, pointing out the directions of rooms that thing had gone wrong in.
"Mrs Titivate has gone into a panic attack! I'm not certain but it's probably because you weren't here! She has taken up heaps of our time! With all her bloody panicking and whatnot! Do you know how annoying her panic attacks are? Very annoying! And the toilets! You know it always get blocked on Thursdays! So as punishment for leaving, you're cleaning up! Every last bit! And it's blocked up good, mind you!"
When the Administrator had his back turned, pointing to the direction of the toilets, Duck started walking calmly around, staying out of view of the Administrator, until Duck was on the other side of him, and Duck could walk directly to his office.
"And Mr Ample is sleeping on the job again! With his face lying on a plate of chocolate cake! And it's my chocolate cake! And then there's all that paperwork you had to have filled out for the Japanese Sanctuary! Do you realise you only wrote six words! Six!
Once the Administrator had completed a full revolution he was staring at the door, with Duck no where in sight. His eyes bulged in surprise.
"But wasn't.... he couldn't have..." he muttered. He made a few circles, looking for signs of Duck's were about, but he was no where to be seen.

Once Duck had made it to his office he threw out his Soft Serve, too soggy to eat, then headed to see Johnny Occult. Johnny was a psychic and was the one to help him locate The Unnamed. He was slightly over weight, a bit of a hippy, and had no fighting skills to speak of.
Johnny was going to be his friend he would take to raid The Unnamed.

Duck knocked on Johnny's door.
"It's open," came Johnny's voice from inside.
Duck opened the door and found the psychic doing a headstand on his desk.
"I'ld advise not to go to the toilet" said Johnny. "I went there and it was... it was horrible."
"Yes, so I've heard. What are you doing on your head?" Duck asked.
"What does it look like? I'm doing a headstand on my desk," answered Johnny.
"Right... I'm just not going to bother to ask why."
"Good idea, I think I forgot why I was doing it in the first place."
"Hmm, nice. Okay, down to business. How would you, Johnny Occult, like to be part of an undercover attack squad?"
"Undercover attack squad?" Johnny said, his upside-down face contort with confusion.
"Yep, I chose you specifically"
"Why? I'm a psychic and I only did Judo for, like, four months"
"Well it was out of you, Ample, Titivate, or the Administrator. I chose you because Ample is really fat, Titivate has problems, and I don't even know the Administrators name."
Johnny gave out a sigh. "And what will I have to do in this undercover attack squad?"
"Oh, it's quite simple really," said Duck. "We're going to attack The Unnamed."
"Again," nodded Duck.
Johnny gulped and then he lost his focus. His feet started waving crazily in the air, he tried to keep balance but then lost control and fell right on top of Duck.


  1. hehehe yeah looks like I forgot the snacks woops!

    But Great chapter! :D I like how the administrator didn't notice your disappearance!

  2. great chapter...i feel bad for forgetting snacks and i didn't even organise the meeting...

  3. Great chapter! :D
    I'll introduce my friend as soon as possible! :)