Sunday, 7 July 2013

Valice- Chione

Valice sat in Mistis livingroom with everyone else, except for Duck who had left the building about five minutes ago.
Who should she ask for help? Come on Valice, she thought, if you were in Germany and not in Australia, who would you ask? The answer to this question was simple. They were friends since they had went to school together. All the trouble they'd caused, and then they had found out that they were both sorcerers and everything had been perfect, two best friends preparing to become powerfull sorcerers and to fight the evil. But somehow it didn't work out like this. When Valice had left her home, they promised each other to keep in touch but lost each other out of sight. But nevertheless, she  was the one Valice wanted to come.
"And, do you have any idea who you're going to ask yet?", Requiem asked.
"Yes, I think I know who I'll ask."

Chione spun and kicked the woman she was fighting with off her legs, lunged out and smashed her hand into her stomache. 
"Ah, I think that's enough for today", Lexa said and took off the upholstery.
"Yeah, maybe you're right", Chione grinned.
They left the gym and walked towards the showers, but a big sign informed them, that they were clogged.
"Shit!", Lexa said. 
They went to the dressing room when suddenly Chione's mobile rang. 
"Hello, Chione here", she said.
Lexa gave her a sign that she'd leave now and Chione nodded.
"Hey, how are you? Since when do you say this at the beginning of a conversation? Sounds weird!"
"Jup, it's mee!"
"So what is it, are you in some trouble and want me to clean up the mess you made?", Chione asked with a smile. "Wouldn't be the first time you drag me into something!"
"What the hell are you talking about? You are the one who dragged me into all the trouble!"
"Oh I'm pretty sure we both know that this is a lie!"
"So, what is it?"
"I'm sure you've heard about the Unnamed and Lord Vile being in Australia?"
"Valice stay out of this, I think this is a little bit over our heads! Where are you now?", Chiona asked alarmed.
"Uhm, Australia?", Valice said carefully.
"I know that this isn't easy, but I'm here and I'll help them to stop the Unnamed and Vile. Because if we don't stop them, they'll destroy the world!"
"Then why are you calling me? Shouldn't you make plans how to stop the two most powerfull sorcerers this world has ever seen?"
"We are making plans, that's why I'm calling you. We know where they are, but the sanctuary is too slow and they would complicate things, but we are only five and we need others to help us."
"And now you want me to come?"
"You want me to come to Australia?"
"To help you to stop Lord Vile and the Unnamed?"
"Although the chance that we survive this isn't very high?"
Valice hestitated, then: " Yes, yes this is exactly what I want you to do!"

So this is Chione! Just a little note here: The people I kill in this story exist. They are my friends and when we started this story I asked for their permission to kill them. Nora, the one I killed in my first chapter, I know her for over nine years now and Hannah, the other corpse, we had a long discussion how to kill her and I really hope that she's okay with the way she died. And Chione, that's Jeni, she chose that name herself. By the way, I'm not sure yet whether I'll let her survive or not! :D


  1. Good idea.
    Don't kill your friends in real life, kill them in a story!

  2. Cool! I like this person.

    hmm interesting that your killing off your real friends ... but I suppose it isn't actually reality so it's ok ... I think.

    1. Oh, they're okay with it, they have lots of fun thinking of ways how I could kill them here :D

  3. Hmm...she's cool. Killing your friends in a story....seems fair enough.

    Um, Misti, I promise I'll post my friend soon!

  4. Don't kill Chione! NoOoooooo!

    Great chap!