Thursday, 18 July 2013

Chione- The first problem

The first problem appeard before she even arrived in Australia- actually before she even left Germany. She stood at the airport in Frankfurt, a bag next to her and a backpack in her hand.
"What the hell did you just say?", she asked the guy at the after-sales service point angrily.
"Ahm, well, the flight got canceld because of... because..", he broke out in a sweat. Then he cleared his throat and said, his voice still trembling: " turbulences. Because of turbulences."
"Yeah, sure, turbulences.."
She left the airport and took out her phone.
"Yep, where are you?"
"Still in Frankfurt. The flight got canceld because of turbulences."
"What a nice description for a 'maybe-end-of-the-world-problem'!"
 "Ain't it? So how do I get to you now, any ideas?"
Valice hestitated. She had an idea, of course she had. They both new who could help her, but neither of them liked it.
"Go ask him!", Valice said. "But tell him to leave right after he brought you to Australia!"
Chione went back to the after-sales service point and the guy swallowed when he saw her: "How- how can I h-help y-you?"
"I need a ticket to Berlin, when's the next flight leaving this airport?"

After she arrived at the airport in Berlin she took the S-Bahn to the Brandenburger Tor. Tourists taking pictures in front of it or with one of the freaks disguised as people every history teacher expects his class to know (the only one Chione knew was Darth Vader, also she had no idea what he was doing here...), artist, she ignored them all and walked straight to one of the pillars. There were lots of decorations but Chione cared about only one of them. She touched it, waited for a few seconds and walked straight through the pillar.
The lobby of the german sanctuary was empty except for two old sorcerers who sat in two chairs and talked about something they thought of as 'important'.
She found Valice's dad in his office.
When she opened the door and walked in he looked up from his desk and raised an eyebrow.
"Chione? What are you doing here?"
It didn't take her long to explain the situation. but it was much harder to persuade him to fly her to Australia.
But after a long discussion he finally said yes and together they left the sanctuary.
"So Lord Vile and The Unnamed, yes?"
"This is so typical for her, she never thinks twice about anything and gets herself into trouble every day."
"Would you prefer her to be any different?", Chione asked doubtfully.
"Yes!", he said with a hard undertone."What about you?"
"No!", Chione said.
They didn't said anything until they arrived at the small plane Valice's dad owned.

It was already 10 pm when she arrived in Australia. She said goodbye to Valice's dad and walked away.
A boy about her age walked up to her. He looked as if he was either drunk, high or both.
He said something she didn't understand and she mumbled "Faust sucht Fresse, interesse?"
"Whaat did you saaay?, he asked.
"Fist's looking for something to hit, are you interested?"
"In german it rhymes!", she repsponded and walked away.

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  1. Hi, tomorrow I'll go to my aunt and uncle for one week and I don't think that I'll have an internet connection there, so if you would wait with the finale battle that'd be great! :) I'll be back next Sunday evening, german time, and I'll tell you when I'm back immediately! :)