Friday, 12 July 2013

Sable - Plans

Sable looked relaxed and confident as he strode into the room where the Unnamed and Vile were. He looked cool, calm and composed. In actual fact, buried deep under his confident exterior was a worried interior. This was, after all, the Unnamed. Everyone knew what happened to people who disappointed him. Lives meant nothing to him.

'Ah, Sable.' The Unnamed's voice was friendly, cheerful. Sable relaxed a little.


'I was just chatting with Lord Vile here.' Sable glanced at Vile. Somehow he couldn't imagine Lord Vile chatting to anyone but he didn't say anything, turning his attention back to the Unnamed.
'It appears that our location has been discovered. A neighbour was unfortunate enough to recognise us and gave the information to, ah, some rather annoying people. He has, of course, been dealt with. However, I must be certain that our defences are adequate.'

Sable nodded to the Unnamed. 'Rest assured, they certainly are. Between my Hollow Men, your sorcerers and all the other surprises found in this house, we won't even have to get involved.'

A thin smile stretched across the Unnamed's lips, although it didn't reach his eyes. 'Good, good. Very well then...Let them come.'

'Indeed,' Sable agreed. 'Let them come.'

Ooh....Our attack on them is going to be hard!
Just a quick note, please can nobody kill Sable. You can attck him all you want but a) he is very powerful and b)it's kind of traditional in my SP fics that Sable and Requiem have a battle, however minor.


  1. Uh, that makes it even harder for us to win! oO
    But a great chapter, and if it'd be too easy it wouldn't be that great to write this story! :)

  2. I agree with Valice! this is becoming harder but more interesting! :D

    um but the person that gave the info away was a she just to point out