Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mistical Future - The Meeting - and now we get down to business

“Ok” said Mistical clasping her hands together and leaning forward, “So does anyone have any ideas?” everyone just stared at her.
“Uh no I have not a clue” said Requiem
“I know” said Duck, everyone looked at him hopefully, “Let’s find them first!” everyone gave Duck and ‘Are you kidding me’ look. Then a mobile beeped,
Sam perked up, “Sorry that’s mine I’ll go see what it’s about” he said as he hoped up and walked over to the kitchen bench were a mobile was lying.
“Ok so does anyone have any ideas other than the necessary thing of finding them?” asked Valice, everyone looked at Mistical.
“What?” asked Mistical
“Well you’re the one that called the meeting, we would assume that you’d have some sort of plan” said Valice
“Uh the whole reason that I called this meeting was so that we could come up with a plan” said Mistical, everyone gave her a look then she sighed, “Ah give me a minute I can come up with a rough plan but it’d help if I knew the enemy’s weakness. But … If we catch the Unnamed off guard that could help, and if it was a ranged attack that he couldn’t see … yeah that might work …” Mistical was looking around the room as if for some inspiration, then she looked at Requiem “Oh maybe Requiem you could try and get into their minds and find a weakness or where they’ll strike next or something useful” Misitical’s eyes wandered again “Ah but oh we need more people because if they see us, ah that wouldn’t be good. We’re going to need more people to pull this off” said Mistical as Sam sat down again.
“Yes we do but I don’t want to wait around for the Sanctuary. They’ll take too long and maybe slow us down”
Mistical nodded, “That could be true but we at least need to double our number if we want any chance of survival. Or for that matter taking down at least one of these powerful guys. I might be able to keep Vile occupied for a while but I can’t stop him, we’ll still need more people because there are bound to be a number of people on the Unnamed’s side to stop us and if there’s only four there to take them down then it’s unlikely that you’ll even make it to the Unnamed so if we double our numbers then we’ll stand a better chance” Mistica explained
“Wow, wow, wow, just before you were talking about ranged attacks and looking into their minds and now you’re talking about a front on assault! How did you get from ranged to front on assault?” asked Duck
“I’m saying if that doesn’t work then we’ll have to resort to a full out assault” said Mistical
“Ok right, ok now I’m following” said Duck
“Ok so we’re all going to need to call in at least one friend can you people do that?”
“Yeah” said Sam
“Yes” said Duck
“Uh one problem all my friend are in Ireland” said Requiem
“Yeah my friends aren’t in Australia” said Valice
“Oh right … well look like I’m going to have to ask for a favour from a guy” said Mistical
“Uh dose everyone want to know where the Unnamed is now?” asked Sam, everyone stared at him
“Wait you know where the Unnamed is?” asked Duck
“Ah yeah that’s what the message was about or at least Lord Vile was confirmed and a couple of other guys and one seemed to fit the description of the Unnamed that I’ve been give” said Sam
“Who did you get the information from?” asked Requiem
“A new Sanctuary agent. She’s only with the Sanctuary for six months. Currently she’s on a two week holiday with her mortal friend on a property a few hours away from Longreach and apparently the Unnamed is staying on the property next to the one see’s on.” explained Sam
 “Wow talk about a shear coincidence!” said Mistical
“Yeah I know. She said that she was going to text the Sanctuary after she texted me” said Sam
“Ok … wait she?” said Mistical as she raised an eyebrow
“Oh don’t worry she’s only eighteen” said Sam as he waived her off, “I met her a few months after she started when she was lost in the Sanctuary, I swear all the Sanctuaries are like bloody mazes!”
“Tell me about it” muttered Mistical
“Anyway I offered my number in case she needed any help and pointed her in the right direction” finished Sam
“Eh fare enough” said Mistical obviously not too worried, “So everyone let’s call in all our friends and see what we can do, in the mean time I’ll see if the Sanctuary is doing anything about this and if not I’ll ask for a favour from a few friends then we can head to battle! … Though it’ll have to be tomorrow, it’s a bit late now and it’ll give us time to organise ourselves. You can all stay in the guest bedrooms and same as your friends. We have some spare mattresses that can do for the night. Now everyone lets get down to business!” said Mistical as she punched the air.

I hope I did you guys ok ... and sorry but your going to need a friend character for this, I don't care if it's some you want to kill off or a random that owes you a favour, that's fine by me. But for the propose of logic and the fact that five can't storm and enemy's base and hope to survive if there enemy's people are about  as good as they are (With the exception of  Bleach; but that's because they mostly avoided others and they had Ichigo Kurosaki)
Yeah sorry about that ... and could you people introduce your friends or the random that owes you a favour before we storm the Unnamed's base
Thanks! And sorry about the fact of you having to put in extra effort of having another person.

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