Monday, 1 July 2013

Mistical Future - The Meeting

“So welcome everybody to my lounge room” said Mistical she was in a short sleeved shirt and jeans, “Yes I do usually wear a mask but since this is my house … woops I meant mine and my boyfriend’s house, I’m not going to wear a mask. And now for introductions! Everybody this is Sam Night my boyfriend” said Mistical pointing to Sam, he smiled and waved
“Hi all” said Sam he was in a T-shirt and jeans
“This is Requiem Noble, Duck Taasp and Valice … who’s last name eludes me …” said Mistical they all waved when there name was said. Requiem and Valice where sitting on the sofa, Duck was in an arm chair and Mistical and Sam where on another sofa. The sofas and armchair where white with blue pillows and where gathered around a glass coffee table. The coffee table had all the files that everyone had collected including the file on the Unnamed and Lord Vile. There was also a photo copy of the letter that was found on a dead body yesterday. Mistical picked up the letter and read it; once she was done she passed it to Sam.
“Ya know what; I’m still going after him. What do you guy’s think?”
“I think he needs to be stopped” said Valice, Requiem and Duck nodded in agreement
“Yeah I’m not a one to go down without a fight and seriously for a chance of living” said Mistical
“Yeah, there’s not many good options but I’m not going to sit around and let people die” said Requiem
“That I think we can all agree on” said Sam as he placed the paper on the coffee table. “So anyone have any ideas on how to defeat these guys or at least a weakness?”
Mistical grunted, “If anyone dose please speak up because I’ve been doing research on Lord Vile and I can’t figure out how he didn’t die from multiple death strikes from my sword” no one replied
“Did he interrupt the signal from your sword? Maybe his armour disrupted the command you gave it?” said Sam
“No I thought of that but realized that it would of still cut him because it would still be a regular sharp sword. If there was flesh under there then it should have been pierced.”
“Yeah no your right” said Sam
“Look I’m sorry but I think the Unnamed is a bigger threat than Lord Vile!” said Valice
“Yes, no I agree with you there but Lord Vile is still a major problem the main fact being that he should of died in the last battle.” said Mistical
“How should he have died during the last battle?”
Mistical held up three fingers, “My sword should have cut a third of his neck” Mistical put one finger down, “His right lung” she put another down, “and his heart and left lung” she put the last down “and I’m also not sure if bullets can pierced his armour where as if we catch the Unnamed off guard then we can shoot him down”
“But in order to do that we need to find them and fast” said Duck, “They want to take over to world! And there probably going to kill more people to do it! So whatever we’re doing we’ve got to do it fast” everyone nodded or said an agreement
“Ok if we don’t know any of the enemy’s strengths of weaknesses then let’s start with ours” said Requiem
“I’m an elemental, nothing to special but I’m pretty good at it” said Sam
“I’m also an elemental and I’m pretty good at it too” said Valice
“I’m a sensitive, but I have knives so I can fight” said Requiem
“In short my hearing, sense of smell, speed and strength are enhanced” said Mistical
“I’m and elemental and I have the ability to cover myself completely in flames” said Duck
“Cool” said Sam, “Fire is my strongest element but I can’t do that”
Duck smiled, "Yeah, well, you're not me are you"
“No, no I’m not” said Sam nodding, “So weaknesses and weapons. I like all elementals need to concentrate to use my ability but I have a sword annnnnnnnnd …” Sam got up and disappeared into a room down the hall, then when he came back he had a black glove on his hand, “This” he said as he flexed his fingers and instantly black claws extended from the glove
“Show off” said Mistical
“Oh, oh now your calling me a show off! You show off more than I do!”
“Not all the time” said Mistical with her arms crossed
Sam scoffed, “Yeah just most of the time”
Mistical raised an eyebrow, “Oh really now? When was the last time I showed off?”
Sam hesitated then opened his mouth then closed it again.
“See” said Mistical, Sam glared at her and she smiled with satisfaction.  Sam then went and sat down next to Mistical and gave her a small shove then she shoved back. Then Sam shoved again but with more force and so did Mistical till they were shoving with both hands. No one else moved they didn’t know what to do because both Sam and Mistical where smiling. Then Sam shoved Mistical off the sofa, she rolled and landed on her feet then launched herself at Sam, he wasn’t expecting it and Mistical tackled him to the ground, they both had massive grins on their faces. Mistical was on top, then Sam rolled and he was on top and started lightly taping her face, Mistical covered her face and her legs wrapped around his waist. She flipped them and stood up and so did Sam. They were play fighting. They did fast movements but only tapped each other lightly. Mistical started laughing then Sam throw and actual punch; Mistical dodged with ease, grabbed his arm and flipped him over her.
“Ouuuuch, that hurt” said Sam
“Serves you right for throwing that punch” she said as she tapped him twice on the cheek
“Dam you” he groaned as he sat up
Mistical flopped back down on the sofa; Valice, Requiem and Duck where looking at her, “Ah don’t worry we do this all the time!” said Mistical as she waved them off, “As for weapons I have a sword but I can use a number of weapons but I’m best with my sword and loud high frequency sounds is basically a weakness though it only slows me down and makes me annoyed”
“Uh as I said before I have knives and as for weaknesses uh well to many thoughts” said Requiem
“I don’t have a weapon and as for my weakness, water” said Duck
“That’s kind of ironic, you call yourself Duck but you can’t touch water” said Sam
“Yeah it is” said Duck “But that’s the awesomeness of it” he said grinning
“I don’t carry a weapon and ah weakness uh I have to concentrate to use my ability” said Valice
“Ok cool now we know this I just have one more question, Valice why did the Unnamed try to recruit you?” asked Mistical
“I honestly have no idea. What about you?” asked Valice
“Uh in short I have a deadly reputation”
“Ok then” said Duck
“Let’s get planning” said Requiem

I'm sorry if I didn't do a good job with your characters! But bear with me I'm trying to write three people that I don't know that well!!!
I hope it is at least satisfactory and if anyone wants to feel free to write the next part! Just tell me so I know if I'm doing it or not.

um ... and can someone suggest a plan of attack or something? Please because I don't have a descent plan ... or for that matter I don't have a plan at all ... except find them and shoot them ...


  1. Good work Misti!
    I've been stuck with the plot ad well. I can't think of what should cone next and no, I can't think if an attack plan.

  2. umm.....Requiem is great thanks Misti but I too have no ideas...