Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mistical Future - Preparing to kill

It was morning at Mistical’s house and everyone woke up to the smell of bacon, sausages, egg, hash browns and toast.
“Morning sleepy heads, I’m sorry about the snacks last night so we’re making you a wonderful breakfast instead” said Mistical as she cooked the bacon and sausages, “I ask that you please get your own toast there’s bread on the table and the drinks are on the buffe” said Mistical as she pointed to them, “the food will be ready in a couple of minutes so get your drinks, if you don’t want cooked food then there is cereal on the table to. You can go outside on the veranda or you can eat inside” finished Mistical just before the doorbell rang “COME IN THE DOOR’S UNLOCKED” shouted Mistical. There was the sound of the door being opened and closed, then steps down the hall.
“Ok so you called me here as a favour. And you want to take the Unnamed down, now that’s a good enough reason to call me but may I ask how you’re going to pull this off Misti?” asked the woman that walked in. She had long blond hair just past her waist and was in black jeans with a leather jacket.
“Ah Swik ya know me if it’s this bad I’ll have a plan of some sort” said Mistical
Swik scoffed yeah last time that I was with you and you had a plan we had two hundred men trying to kill us” replied Swik
“Ah that wasn’t that bad and it all turned out ok” said Mistical waving her off, “And this time we’ll only have one hundred men plus two of the most deadliest men in the world trying to kill us”
“Oh joy for me, remind me how you talked me into this?” asked Swik
“You owed me a favour” replied Mistical simply
“Oh God I wished I’d returned that favour sooner!” said Swik
“Yeah everyone this is my friend Swik, she’s going the be with us for this mission. Swik you might want to explain your abilities to everyone”
“Sure … uh it’s easier if I demonstrate, can I demonstrate?” asked Swik
“Sure as long as you don’t mess up the house” said Msitical sounding like she didn’t really care
“Cool this should be interesting, I’ve heard what you can do but I haven’t actually seen it, but Misti’s reasonably descriptive” said Sam as he stirred the scrambled eggs
“Wait your Sam?” asked Swik
“Yeah that’s right” said Sam
“He’s hot, does he have muscles?” whispered Swik to Mistical
“Yeah he dose” replied Mistical at the same volume
“You do know that I can hear your right?” asked Sam
“Yes” replied Mistical straight away, whereas Swik just froze
“Y-you heard that?” asked Swik
“Ah Swik give him some credit, he had decent hearing you know” said Mistical, “Come on show everyone what you can do” encouraged Mistical
“Fine” said Swik, “But you could of told me that he could hear us”
“I saw no point after all he would have still heard the same stuff weather I told you or not, you would have just been embarrassed sooner rather than later” said Mistical, Swik just glared. Swik turned to everyone and removed her jacket; the back of her shirt had two slits between her spine and shoulder blades. Swik took a deep breath in and then let it out, as she let the breath out black pieces of metal came out of her back where the slits where and formed wings. Her wing spaned was five meters of black metal wings.
“Cool” said Sam nodding
“Swik can you shoot a gun? And can you shoot it well? As in get a head shot” asked Mistical
“Uh yeah as long as they don’t move too much and provided I have enough time to aim well” said Swik
Mistical nodded, “So what about a sniper? Can you get a head shot?”
“Yeah I’m ok with them and I can generally get a head shot” said Swik
“Ok” said Mistical while flipping bacon and rolling sausages around the frying pan, “What about while you’re flying?”
“What! You what me to shoot while I’m flying!?” exclaimed Swik shocked by the question
“Yes I do and I want you to shoot the Unnamed if you see him” said Mistical, everyone was staring now, Mistical wasn’t looking at anyone she was focused on the food in the frying pan, “If you miss your as good as dead. If you see Lord Vile don’t you worry about him. If I can’t find a way to kill him that it’s unlikely that you will Swik. And that goes for all of you; if you see Vile leave him to me; I might not be able to kill him but hell as I can keep him occupied for a fair while.” Mistical was looking serious now
“Are you a complete and utter nuttier?” asked Swik looking shocked, Swick turned to Sam, and his smile had evaporated.
Mistical gave a small laugh, “That rhymed, and no I believe I’m sane. But if you won’t shoot than I will. We’d just have an advantage if you did shoot though because they’d think that you were just a bird till you shot and then they’d look to see where it came from and that would distract them for a few seconds. Whereas if I shoot from the trees they’d look to the trees which would be where everyone else is hiding; this would cause a dilemma as they would be looking right at us as we attack.” said Mistical
“I … fine” said Swik, “I’ll shoot but don’t blame me if I miss”
Mistical smiled, “That’s fine if you do you would have at least distracted them”
“Oh great now I’m the decoy” said Swik
“Ok the bacon’s ready!” said Mistical and she slid the bacon and sausages onto a large plate, “Get it while it’s hot!”
“The scrambled eggs are ready to!” said Sam as he put the eggs into a large bowl.
“Ah and so are the hash browns, Sam can you take the plate of bacon over to the table?” asked Mistical as she opened up the oven
“Sure” said Sam
“Sam do you know where the oven glove is?” asked Mistical
“Ah no I don’t know where it is” he said then sighed, “don’t tell me you’ve lost it again”
Mistical flashed him a cheeky grin, “Maybe maybe not” sung Mistical and Sam just scowled at her. She flashed another grin the grabbed a handtowel and took the hash browns out of the oven then slid them on a plate.
“Careful there hot” said Mistical as she placed them on the table. Everyone filed their plates with what they wanted then sat down and ate it.


After everyone had had their breakfast and it was all cleaned up everyone went to the toilet and went to Mistical and Sam’s cars.
“Ok now I call in a favour that the guy doesn’t actually owe me.”  said Mistical as she dialled a number on her phone. “Hi its Mistical Future … yes you know me don’t be and idiot. I gave you a muffin last week. … yes that person. Look I need a favour, … no you don’t owe me one, but it’s a favour that I’ll return later if I’m still alive. … yes I hope I live to return the favour to, can you come over to my house and I’ll explain it better … yes you know the house you were here last week remember, … yes, yes that’s the one, we’re in the garage. Yes and coming her right now would be good, … yes ok see you in a sec.” said Mistical into her mobile, “He should be here in a second” said Mistical and just after she finished a dude with blond spiky hair appeared in the garage. “Hi Fletcher” said Mistical
“Hey” said Fletcher, “So what am I doing?”
“I need you to teleport us to Longreach, with our cars then when we get there you’re going to need to come and see the place where we are going because you’re our emergency getaway” said Mistical
“Right” said Fletcher, “So you need me to teleport you there and back?”
“Yeah basically” said Mistical
“Ok so why are you going to Longreach?” asked Fletcher
“Actually we’re going to a property a few hours out of Longreach. But we’re going to fight the Unnamed, try to kill him and we’re all going to try not to die”
“You know with a plan like that your all going die … wait never mind Skulduggery has plans like that all the time and things generally workout” said Fletcher
“Why thankyou I’ll take that as a compliment. And our plan is a little more specific than that but that’s basically it, except for the fact that someone who can fly tries to kill the Unnamed with a sniper. But yeah that’s basically it”
“Ok then you might stand a small chance of living” said Fletcher, “let’s get you all to Longreach”

After a few hour of driving they reached the property next to the one that the Unnamed was thought to be staying on. Mistical pulled out a satellite image of the property.
“Ok judging from what I can hear there are two underground levels under the house” said Mistical as she pointed to the house on the map, “I estimate that they’re both the size of a football field … but then they connect up to levels under both the stable and the barn. The levels under the barn and the stable are only about half the size of a football field.” said Mistical as she pointed to them. “We’re here” said Mistical as she pointed to some bushes
“What about the prison cells?” asked Valice, “Can you find Dynasty?”
“Wha- I’m sorry I don’t know the person that you’re looking for. If I’d met them and heard there voice I could track them down but I don’t know them so I can’t. I’m sorry” said Mistical
“That’s ok” said Valice
“I think I found Vile thought, he’s inside on B1 around the West side under the house”
“B1?” asked Johonny
“Basement one” replied Mistical “I ask that for your safety that you try and stay away from that area if possible, I can defend myself but it is more difficult to defend others. I’ll keep him occupied if we can’t kill the Unnamed.” Then Mistical perked up, “I think … no wait a sec, yeah I think the prison cells are under the barn on B2”
“Oh good I bet that’s where Dynasty is!” said Valice
“Valice you can worry about that person later right now we have to kill the Unnamed” said Chione, “Because that takes top priority”
“Speaking of the Unnamed I’m gona find him because ether he’s not talking or he’s not here. I’ll be back in a minute or two” said Mistical as he ran off into the bush in the direction of the property.
“I can’t just leave him in there, who know what they’re doing to him!” argued Valice
Chione sighed, “No I’m not saying to leave him I’m saying that we kill the Unnamed first then we find him”
“I think that Chione’s right we should kill the Unnamed then rescue your friend and it would be easier if he was out of the way anyway” said Sadia
Valice hesitated “Fine but if the Unnamed isn’t killed quickly then I’m going to find Dynasty”
“Oh thanks yeah just put all the pressure on me” said Swik
“Back” said Mistical as she jumped out of the bush and startled everyone except Sam.
“Did you run into any trouble?” asked Requiem
“No, no one saw me” said Mistical, “and guess what Swik, you’re up” said Mistical as she tossed Swik a sniper “This is who your shooting” said Mistical as he showed Swik a picture on her phone.
“Oh brother” said Swik then took her wings assembled themselves on her back. Mistical sharply turned her head and tensed
“Everyone hide” she said them, she moved behind a tree and took out her sword as everyone scrambled to find a hiding position. Everyone could hear someone coming now, there steps where heavy and slow. Then they walked past the tree that Mistical was hiding behind. Mistical grabbed the person around the mouth and put her sword to their neck. They cried out in surprise but their voice was muffled by Msitical gloved hand.
“Shut up or I slit your throat” whispered Mistical to the woman in her arms. The woman instantly stopped struggling and shut up.
“Misti no. She’s the person that told us about the Unnamed being here” said Sam as he jumped down from a tree. “This is Aqua Vine”
“She is?” said Mistical looking at her, “Crap” said Mistical as she saw the blood soaked shirt, “Lie down” she said as she forced Aqua to lie down, Mistical slit the shirt to look at the wound.
“I’m ok” said Aqua, her voice was croaky
“No you are not, trust me I have done work in the medical field and this has cut through and internal organ. How long have you had this?” said Mistical
“A while I think” replied Aqua
“Aqua I thought you were dead, your last text was at two in the morning” said Sam
“Yeah they found me not long after that” said Aqua
“It’s eleven fifteen, how are you alive and why did they leave you alive?” asked Sam
“Oh that’s the time, sorry they crushed my phone so I couldn’t tell the time. And apparently I’m more crocodile like than I originally thought. They stabbed me then thought they’d killed me because I had slowed my heart beat down to two beat a minute, I didn’t know that I could do that till last night. And fell asleep after they left … actually fell asleep isn’t the right term; to be honest I passed out. But I think my heart beat was still slow so I didn’t die from blood loss and I only woke up a few minutes ago.” Explained Aqua
“Ok that explains why I didn’t notice you earlier. Fletcher can you take her to the Sanctuary, if we need your help to get out of here this spot will be the place you meet us ok Fletcher”
“Ok see you then” said Fletcher
“Oh and Fletcher if no one calls in the next two hours assume that we’re all dead and leave us”
“We’re going to do this in two hours?” asked Duck
“I think two hours in the max amount of time we need to ether die or kill the Unnamed. If we’re not done by then we would be physically be unable to fight because we’d be too tired. If anyone wants to chicken out now’s the time” said Mistical as she pointed to Fletcher with her thumb. Johnny started to shuffle towards Fletcher but Duck grabbed hold of him.
“We’re not leaving” said Duck as he clung to Johnny
“Nether am I” said Requiem
“Same here” said Valice and Chione in union
“I’m staying” said Swik
“Till the end” said Sam
“I’m not letting you guys have all the fun” said Sadia
“Well I’m not missing out ether” said Mistical, “See you two when we get back”
“Bye” crocked Aqua
“See ya” said Fletcher just before they disappeared
“Right now I’m actually off to do this” said Swik as she took to the sky
“Everybody get into positions as soon as we hear the gun shot that’s out queue to move” said Mistical

Sorry this took forever! And sorry that none of your characters spoke much! I hope I got the characters at least along the lines of what they should have been. Can some one else do the next? I don't care is Swik misses or gets him in the arm or something (*Grins* LOL that would be funny if it was the same shoulder that Misti shot), the next person can decides what happens with the shot, but I have to ask that you don't kill Swik or badly injure her. Thanks.