Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Valice- Still in the Interrogation Room

"So", Valice grinned. "Looks like finally everything goes according the plan. That's almost as shocking as having a plan at all!"
Chione laughed and then she opened the door to the interrogation room. Skulduggery and China were sitting on chairs, the Unnamed's follower was sitting on their opposite. Requiem was standing behin him, the otheres were standing or sitting on tables.
"Ah, here they come!", Duck said. "Coffee!"
"Black for Saracen, Misti, Duck, China and Valkyrie, with milk for Requiem...", Valice gave them their coffee.
"...Sam, Swik, Dynasty, Valice, whatever your name is and me, milk and sugar for Dexter!", Chione continued.
"And none for you", Valice said to the Unnamed's follower.
"What's your name, anyway?", she asked and turned to Dynasty. "Do we know that yet?"
"No, we don't. Until now he hasn't said anything helpful. Just that he loves China and how he's gonna get killed."
"He looks like a Dirk, don't you think? This nose- it's a Dirk-nose!", Sam said.
"It is", Mistical said. "So Dirk, why don't you tell us something helpful?"
"We already know where the Unnamed is", Skulduggery said. "So we're going to attack soon anyway. And we'll win. Maybe we haven't yet, and maybe we won't win next time either, but one day we will!"
"That's what you should know about us", Saracen said. "Now let's talk about you. There's a nice cell waitng for you, you know? You won't be joining the fights anymore. And the Unnamed's gonna kill you anyway, no matter if you talk to us or not, just because we caught you.So maybe it's time to change the side. You don't want to die, Dirk!"
Dirk didn't say anything.
"So you're cool with us calling you Dirk? Or do you wanna tell us your real name?", Dexter asked.
Still, Dirk didn't say anything, he was starring at China.
She sighed and put her hand on his.
"What's yor name, sweetheart?"
"I- I don't know... The Unnamed doesn't allow us to have names. But... I kinda like Dirk!"
Everyone laughed and China smiled. "That's lovely, dear! And I have to apologize for my friends here, they were very rude. We don't want to threaten you- we want to help you!"
"Yeah, right, what she said...", Dynasty said.
Valice grinned and China continued.
"What's the Unname's plan, love? He's mean, he doesn't care about you. But I do, I really do care about you. And if you help me I'll help you."
She smiled again and he whispered: "I love you..."
Her eyes widened and from one moment to the other she looked like the happiest woman in the world.
"She's good", Valice whispered and Chione nodded.
"The desolation machine!", Dirk suddenly screamed. "He has the desolation machine..."
The woman no one knew the name of dropped her coffee. 


  1. "ANOTHER!!!" shouts the unnamed woman


    sorry I had to try and put a Thor reference in there.

    Great chapter! I really want to know what this woman dose about the machine!!!!!!
    she's hiding something! I just know it!

    *Woman stares*


    *Woman spits out the coffee that she had in her mouth*

    Not exactly what I ment but ok close enough.