Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Valice- Xmas Post??

Are we still writing the Xmas Post?
If yes, we could try to comment at least the first parts here, because we need to know them all before we can start writing the second one...


  1. Valice- Christmas is coming

    Valice got out of the bus. She had left Roarhaven with Chione in the morning and Fletcher had teleported them home.
    It was the 23rd of December and her first day off since she had joined the fights against the Unnamed.
    “It’s christmaaaas coming!” Chione grinned and left the bus too.
    “And we still need a hell lot of presents”, Valice sighed.
    Both of them took out a piece of paper.
    “We’ll meet again in two hours, okay? And then there’ll be nothing left on here!” Chione waved with the paper, grinned, turned round and left.
    Valice grinned too and looked on the paper.


    She sighed again. “Well then, let’s go!”
    The Christmas market was exactly like it had been last year. ‘Hopefully the stuff they sell here’s better this year’, she thought.
    It really wasn’t. The same colorful candles and boxes, decorations, lots of food and hot spiced wine and people everywhere.
    Seven. Seven presents.
    She went from one stand to the other, looking at the funny and almost completely useless stuff you can find there.
    She found the presents for Mistical and Sam first.
    For Mistical a gun made of chocolate but with so many details it actually looked real and for Sam an iPhone (made of chocolate too) with not one but three Twitter icons on it.
    For Duck she bought a Tardis cookie box, for Chione a flash drive and for Dynasty a Transformer made out of gummy bears. Half an hour later she found something for Requiem, a Rubik Cube, not with colors that have to match on it, but with weird pictures on it like a skull, the entrance picture of TVD and a zombie-Barbie. For Swik she bought a chocolate fondue that looked like a pair of wings.
    After she had bought all the presents she went to the library. There she took out a key and opened a locker and took her laptop out.
    She then walked to an ice cafĂ© (the same one she had sat in when she’d got the first message from the Unnamed), ordered a coffee and started the laptop.
    She took out the flash drive and loaded lots of pictures on it, together with a word-document with a nice text on it and an elf-yourself video.
    When Chione walked in Valice was already done with gift-wrapping the presents.
    “So, you’re done?” Chione asked.
    “Yes”, Valice answered. “You?”
    Chione grinned. “Sure”, she said and sat down.
    “I think tomorrow will be weird”, Valice said. “With the 25th being more important than the 24th and stuff.”
    Chione nodded.
    When Valice had been a kid the 24th had been her most favorite day in the year. In the evening she’d always went to the nativity play with her mum while her dad and her granddad “helped the Christ Child” decorating the tree. When she’d come home she went upstairs until her dad would ring a little bell and they’d all sing Christmas songs and gave each other their presents. And then they’d eat fondue. Always Fondue. But this year it’d be different.

    okay, that'd be my first part! :) I got totally lost with the tenses and grammar and stuff in the last bit about how she celebrated christmas earlier and if it's totally wrong please tell me and I'll change it! :)

  2. Duck had always loved Christmas. Everyone is happy for an entire month, there is always heaps of food to eat, decorations are put up and carols are sung, presents are opened and family come together.
    Duck was hoping that there would be no Unnamed business on the 25th so he could spend it with his loving family and, of course, to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special which is on the day after, thanks to time lines and living here in Down Under.
    Australians, you see, miss out on a large part of the season. Instead of a white Christmas with snow, we have a boiling hot day where you can't go outside in case of heat stroke. Most carols don't make too much sense in the contrasted climate and instead of snowball fights we have backyard cricket.

    Fletcher teleported Duck to a mall that they both knew quite well and the blonde porcupine went off in search of hair spray.
    Duck was never quite that great at getting presents for people. His problem is that he can't be all that empathetic when he needs to be. Instead of thinking of what that persons wants, Duck would always buy them something that he would like.
    It's quite a curse.
    One year he got his sister six pack of men's underwear. Her face after opening it still haunts his dreams.
    But this time round Duck was focused. He was going to give his friends something that they want. He was determined.

    After doing some serious study on the internet, Duck discovered that 'Chione' in Greek means snow. So he arrived at a store and bought a very large and fancy snow globe that had the nativity scene inside.
    In Wikipedia, the word 'dynasty' is either some old TV show or a family of royals. After pondering for a minute or two, Duck decided that the DVD of the show and Lorde's new album that should contain the song 'Royals' were both a fitting gift for Dynasty so he bought them.
    Now for Requiem. According to Google, requiem is either a song by Mozart, a movie, a book, or a mass for a number of dead people. A massive box of chocolates it is then!
    Mistical and Sam are a nice couple so why not matching gifts? While browsing through a two dollar store, Duck found a pair of mugs. One said 'His', the other 'Hers'. Perfect. Now just to stuff them with lollies.
    Duck had no idea what Swik would want. Her name doesn't come up in a dictionary or thesaurus and the mall was nearly closing. Quickly, he hurried through another shop and bought the first interesting thing he laid his eyes on:
    A metre long rubber duck.
    Now there is no reason anyone would need something like this, let along want one, but Duck thought it would look good in the pond outside his house. So that's why he bought it for Swik...

    1. Great chapter! :)
      But you forgot me... :( ;D

    2. Great chapter!! Love my prezzie on the 24th I'm gonna copy it all and publish it. But we have to to the christmas party which is part 2 the final part

    3. I'm really sorry about that Valice. I WAS copying the list you had so that's why I forgot. But have no fear, because I wrote an extra part down below.

  3. Christmas was Dynasty's time where he could enjoy himself. This year was a lot more... action packed. Luckily the Unnamed, who they had been fighting for around six months now, had agreed from the 20th December 2013 to 6th January 2014 to hold back so they could enjoy their Christmas. But from the 7th the fight would be back on. Great.
    Dynasty was running through the shop 24th December 2013 6.00pm with £50.00 thinking what am I gonna get them!! He had a list and he hadn't done a single one of them.
    "Right." he said. " first on my list Valice!"
    Dynasty did not know what the hell to do.
    Then he seen it. It was perfect.
    A make-your-own-cheese-burger maker.
    It went straight in the trolley.
    That was Valice done.
    Something to do with Ducks.
    He loved the store he was in. It was amazing.
    The door of the shop opened and Dynasty didn't really care. He did when he seen who came through it. A squad of the Unnamed soldiers.
    What were they doing here???
    Just ignore them and get the presents Dynasty tod himself.
    Dynasty did find Duck's present. A chocolate milkshake maker that when it's in your mouth it quacked! He'll love that, Dynasty told himself.
    This was going good. So far. Someone stepped beside him and he recognized him a follower of the Unnamed. Dynasty moved away and he didn't follow
    A sword.
    But they don't sell swords in a shop do they?? What about some gloves. He looked at the Unnamed followers. One of them had a sword. A machete!! Mistical had been going on about one of them for ages. One problem. How would he get it off the Unnamed Followers? He was going to regret what he was going to do he told himself. There was no one on this ile. He walked behind the Unnamed follower pulled him down and took the sword of him despite his efforts. The follower fainted!
    Mistical done.
    He hadn't seen him for a while. He had been on another job. But he was coming to the christmas party anyways. He had always went on about smarties the last time he had seen him. He said they gave him energy. -the unnamed followers were on the same ile as him - so he got Requiem a 6 month
    supply of smarties. He was nearly done. He ran of the ile.
    Something to do with twitter.
    Sam loved Peter Andre. He had always said how he wanted him to follow him on twitter. He would love that. and Dynasty was kinda friends with him and had his number. He text Peter Andre:
    Hey Peter! You know how it's nearly xmas I've got this mate. He thinks your amazing could you follow him on twitter? His name is @samheartmisticalLOL. Thanks. Dynasty. And message him on twitter saying it's coz of me and it's his xmas present.
    2 minutes later.
    Sure Dynasty!!
    Didn't know him that well. Just get him a BIG box of maltesers. Done.
    He went and paid for them and then left the store to see the unnamed followers singing "so here it is merry christmas everybodys having fun!"
    He laughed. He was all ready for christmas.

  4. Oh I forgot Chione.

    This her part.

    Dynasty picked up a pick and mix bag for her. He liked Chione. She was canny.

  5. After Duck had finished wrapping all the presents he had bought, he had a heart attack. He had completely forgotten about Valice!
    All shops were closed at this time so Duck decided that he should make something instead of buying a gift.
    He got out his scrapbooking kit and started to write. This scrapbook was going to be about the group's adventures with the Unnamed. Even though he couldn't find many pictures of any battles, Duck had a few images of the victory celebrations after and times when they were all relaxing and having fun. He stuck those in and wrote about them and what the group had done prior to the photo. Duck then put a couple a colourful decorations over the pages and named the book: Memories with friends.