Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dynasty - Xmas Post!

As u may all know the Christmas season is beginning!!! :D YAY!!!
I hope you's all have lots and lots of fun on Christmas day and I am glad to have met you's through this blog. And I'd just like to point out that the Unnamed has returned blog will be going on a little holiday from 22nd December 2013 till 1st of January 2014.
But until then let's enjoy this blog and I would like to know whether you would like to do a Christmas post where Dynasty, Valice, Duck, Mistical, Sam, and Chione! Sorry if I've forgot u and I include you's to. 
 This post will be away from the storyline of the UNNAMED HAS RETURNED and will be a lovley Christmas day and we will all write it. We will come up with a plot and it MUST be done for 20th - 22nd December. 
So comment your ideas and we'll start writing. Btw this does not mean u cannot write posts about the Unnamed. 
So comment your ideas! ;D
Let me know if it's a good idea. 


  1. Hi, that seems like a really cool idea, I'd love a Christmas post! :)
    I have no ideas yet but I'll start thinking about something :D

  2. Oh oh I'd like to participate!!!!!!!!

    Uh but I have no ideas ...

    Wait ... What if there was a Christmas party and some how the Unnamed and Vile got invited! XD that would be amusing, them wearing Santa hats and carrying presents! LOL our characters would be so confuses!!!

  3. Or they could at least skype! ;D

  4. Lol we'll discuss it here and come up with some idea's XD

  5. What about starting with being on a Christmas Market, one of this funny ones with ridiculously dressed people in weird little shops selling the most useless stuff and far to enthusiastic tourists! ;)

    1. Haha we could do that and each have paragraph wrote bu us and where stressing out on Christmas eve about what to get each other. Then on Christmas day we all write a paragraph about what our character thinks? But I need Duck and stuff if they wanna do it ?

    2. Yes, that'd be cool! :) and Valice and Chione could be a little "culture shocked" because in germany the evening of the 24th, not the 25th is the most important day of christmas! :D

    3. I could start and post it here as a comment, okay?

  6. Can someone ask Duck if he would like to do it - if not I will write for u and if anyone else wants to they can.

    1. I'll write about my characters!

      XD this is going to be heeps of fun!

      Uh and I'll post what I've written as a comment to.
      Sorry for the late reply I've had bad Internet resently!

    2. Cool ! That's a good idea Mistical everyone post their two parts (what to get each other, and xmas day). Can someone ask Duck if he wants to join in please. And once everyone who wants to join in has wrote there characters parts, I will copy and paste it all in order (oh yeah we'll try and do it in order) and then post BOOM! I'll start writing!!

  7. Christmas’s coming

    Valice got out of the bus. She had left Roarhaven with Chione in the morning and Fletcher had teleported them home.
    It was the 23rd of December and her first day off since she had joined the fights against the Unnamed.
    “It’s christmaaaas coming!” Chione grinned and left the bus too.
    “And we still need a hell lot of presents”, Valice sighed.
    Both of them took out a piece of paper.
    “We’ll meet again in two hours, okay? And then there’ll be nothing left on here!” Chione waved with the paper, grinned, turned round and left.
    Valice grinned too and looked on the paper.


    She sighed again. “Well then, let’s go!”
    The Christmas market was exactly like it had been last year. ‘Hopefully the stuff they sell here’s better this year’, she thought.
    It really wasn’t. The same colorful candles and boxes, decorations, lots of food and hot spiced wine and people everywhere.
    Seven. Seven presents.
    She went from one stand to the other, looking at the funny and almost completely useless stuff you can find there.
    She found the presents for Mistical and Sam first.
    For Mistical a gun made of chocolate but with so many details it actually looked real and for Sam an iPhone (made of chocolate too) with not one but three Twitter icons on it.
    For Duck she bought a Tardis cookie box, for Chione a flash drive and for Dynasty a Transformer made out of gummy bears. Half an hour later she found something for Requiem, a Rubik Cube, not with colors that have to match on it, but with weird pictures on it like a skull, the entrance picture of TVD and a zombie-Barbie. For Swik she bought a chocolate fondue that looked like a pair of wings.
    After she had bought all the presents she went to the library. There she took out a key and opened a locker and took her laptop out.
    She then walked to an ice cafĂ© (the same one she had sat in when she’d got the first message from the Unnamed), ordered a coffee and started the laptop.
    She took out the flash drive and loaded lots of pictures on it, together with a word-document with a nice text on it and an elf-yourself video.
    When Chione walked in Valice was already done with gift-wrapping the presents.
    “So, you’re done?” Chione asked.
    “Yes”, Valice answered. “You?”
    Chione grinned. “Sure”, she said and sat down.
    “I think tomorrow will be weird”, Valice said. “With the 25th being more important than the 24th and stuff.”
    Chione nodded.
    When Valice had been a kid the 24th had been her most favorite day in the year. In the evening she’d always went to the nativity play with her mum while her dad and her granddad “helped the Christ Child” decorating the tree. When she’d come home she went upstairs until her dad would ring a little bell and they’d all sing Christmas songs and gave each other their presents. And then they’d eat fondue. Always Fondue. But this year it’d be different.

    okay, that'd be my first part! :) I got totally lost with the tenses and grammar and stuff in the last bit about how she celebrated christmas earlier and if it's totally wrong please tell me and I'll change it! :)