Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dynasty - Interagation

They entered the room. There he was. 
"Talk. Now." said Dynasty and Skulduggery. 
"Jinx touch wood." 
Dynasty raced over to a wooden board and touched it. 
"What the..." 
"Haha you cannot talk until someone ses your name!" 
"Skulduggery." said Valice smiling.
Dynasty gave her a dirty look and shut up. 
The minion of the unnamed didn't talk. 
"I'm getting China." said Mistical. 
"I'll come with." said Dynasty. 
Dynasty and Mistical walked out the room and randomly started talking about skittles. 
Duck stepped forward. 
"I'd talk if I were you."
The minion eyed him but did not talk. 
"She'll make him talk." she said lowly. 
"And what will she do about it eh?"
He was a cockney. 
"She'll torture you until you speak." said Valkyrie. 
"Don't think you'll like that." said Sam. 
Dynasty, Mistical and China returned and the Minions eyes widened but he still didn't speak. 
China tapped a symbol on her body and the man fell of the chair in agony. 
"Ah this is better." 
And he began. 

Sorry if it aint good :(


  1. Cool!
    We talked about skittles, I haven't hade those in a while ...

    XD and now he talks! XD
    Great chapter Dynasty I like how everyone was trying to scare the spy into talking and how SP couldn't speak for a bit! :D

  2. Just like to point out : That for Christmas I will be ditching my computer and going 2 a iPad. Do u guys think I will still be able to post on a iPad? Thanks

    1. Yeah you can post on an ipad, I've posted on and ipod before. They should be pretty much the same in that.
      And yeah like Dynasty I wont have a computer for a couple of months so I'll be doing my writing on an ipod. ... not that in makes a heap of difference.

      Dynasty we can be apple buddies! XD