Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sam Night - New follower?

“Ah I’m so bored!” said Mistical, “Walking around in a large circle listening for something suspicious is so BORING!”
“Yeah well if you find it boring then your obviously not focussed on finding them” said Sam
“I am, it’s just so boring, this for me is just like sitting still”
“But we’re walking”
“Yes and at a very slow pace”
“If we run around the place your likely to miss something”
Mistical grumbled something, “It’s still boring”
“I didn’t say that it wasn’t” said Sam, “And shouldn’t you be looking out for the Unnamed not listening to a conversation with me”
“I’m listening to you and listening out of the Unnamed”
Sam gave Mistical a look that said that he want sure that that was true
“I can listen to more than one thing at a time. It’s like you listening to me and to the birds tweeting, it’s not difficult” said Mistical
“But the birds aren’t tweeting” replied Sam observently
“Yeah that’s because it’s Roarhaven and there are only crows that squawk”
“But the crows aren’t squawking”
“That’s the point” said Mistical quietly
“What? Do you mean there’s a rat tail?” asked Sam quietly
“Yes I do. We have a tailer” said Mistical, “You can check for yourself but be casual about it”
“Sure” said Sam then he stretched his arms out, feeling the air then put his arm around Mistical and put his head right next to her ear “Your right there’s a tailer. I only sense one, is that right?”
“Yes only one” said Mistical then she giggled, Mistical was putting on an act for the person tailing them.
“How long have they been tailing us?” asked Sam
“They’ve been tailing us for a little now, but I couldn’t tell that they were tailing us till just now because of the pace that we were walking at”
“Have they contacted anyone?”
“No, not from what I can tell”
“Well that’s good at least. Do you know what there waiting for?”
Mistical shrugged, “Don-no, but there keeping their distance so if they’re going to attack soon then it’s going to be a ranged attack. Otherwise they’ll have to get closer”
“Right” said Sam “Anything else that I should know?”
“Na I don’t think so”
“We should warn the others”
“It’ll look suspicious”
“Not if my mobile rings first” said Sam with a sly grin.
“Ok hot shot then how are we going to do that” asked Mistical smiling
“Simple you press speed dial and dial my mobile, then when we make it look like I answer it when in fact I decline it and call someone else” explained Sam
“Neat, who are you gona call? Couse I recommend calling someone with the Irish Sanctuary agents, because someone could be tailing Requiem and Sadia”
“Ok but isn’t that a reason to call Requiem?”
“Na, if she has someone tailing her she’ll be likely to notice and when we pass she can read out minds and find out that someone is tailing us, or she can sense the mind of the person that’s tailing us”
“Ah yeah that’s a good idea, but I’ll get someone else to call her just in case”
“fair enough” said Mistical, she then slipped her hand under her coat and reached for her mobile in one of her back pouches. She grabbed the mobile but made it look like she was scratching her back. “Ok speed dial away” said Mistical then called Sam. Sam’s mobile started playing the Sherlock theme song. Sam pulled out his phone then held it up in front of him
“Hey look it’s Jerry!” said Sam loud enough for the spy to hear. Sam quickly denied the call and called the fist persons number that came up, it was Duck’s. Sam put the mobile to his ear.
“Hey Jerry” he said into the dialling phone, “Long time no see how are you? … that’s great” While Sam was having a fake conisation with this none existent Jerry, Mistical pretended to scratch her back again and put her mobile back.
“Oh so you’re doing golf now! Cool! That sounds like so much fun!”
“Uh I’m sorry what?” asked Duck answering the call
“Hey It’s Sam, we have a tailer on us” said Sam quickly and quietly
“A tailer?” asked Duck
“A stalker”
“A stalker”
“A follower”
“A follower!”
“Yes. We don’t know for sure if there one of the Unnamed people. Currently there keeping their distance and we’re assuming that they think we haven’t noticed them”
“Really? How many are following you?” asked Duck
“Just one, and we don’t think they have contacted anyone else” said Sam, Sam then gave a sudden laugh, “Oh that’s great Jerry!”
“What? Why did you call me Jerry, and what’s so funny?” asked Duck sounding confused
“Sorry Just keeping that tailer occupied and making sure that they think we haven’t noticed them yet” said Sam
“Oh right. Ok then, have you called anyone else?”
“No, and you’re going to need to contact everyone else because it’ll look suspicious if I’m on the phone too long”
“Right” said Duck, “Can do. So have you found anything yet?”
“No I don’t think we have” said Sam, Sam glanced at Mistical and she shook her head, “No we’ve found nothing so far”
“Ok then, Uh anything else that you need to tell me?” asked Duck
“No nothing other than you have to call at least one person in every group, just give them the head’s up”
“Ok got it. Bye”
“Ok bye, we’ll get in contact if we have anything else to report”
“Ok then. See ya” said Duck ending the call.
“Oh that just great Jerry. Hey look buddy I’ve gota go I’m on a walk with my girlfriend and I’ve neglected her long enough … yeah see ya” said Sam and put his phone away.  
“Good well that’s settled” said Mistical
“Yeah … Hey Misti does this mean that I have a new follower?” asked Sam grinning and jerking his head casually towards the person tailing them.

I'm enjoying  making follower/stalker jokes it's amusing. I hope this heated the action a bit.
*In news reporters voice*
"And now let's check out the other groups and see if they have found anything other than new followers"