Friday, 1 November 2013

Duck- Basic Blueprints

The funeral was over quickly.
There was urgent business to attend to so the proceeding were swift. Words were said, people cried, the casket was lowered ever so slowly into the rectangular pit. The reason behind his death was not mention, it was to horrific for his family.
Some of the attendees to Johnny Occult's funeral tried to be sad, they tried to mourn and cry and weep, but always on the edge of their minds was The Unnamed. China Sorrows' mission was clear, find him and don't attack. But really, a third time to find him is just torture. And after this last final time, Duck thought, I am going to have to retire.

Instead of going to the Wake, our group of 'Unnamed trackers' traveled back to Mistical house to discuss plans to find The Unnamed. The conversation wasn't flowing so sweetly so most of the group were lounging around on chairs in the living room and Sam was on his phone.
"So, where do we start?" asked Mistical.
"I have absolutely no idea," Duck replied.
"Well, who knows The Unnamed the most?"
Everyone looked at Dynasty. His father was Lord Vile who is a companion of The Unnamed, so Dynasty knew him the best out of all of them.
"Um, I have absolutely no idea, either," said Dynasty.
Half of the group groaned from being unimpressed.
"So who's next on the list for friends of The Unnamed?" asked Valice.
Everyone was silent, no one had a clue. A few long seconds went by.
"Woo! Five new Twitter followers. I'm so popular!" Sam exclaimed, jumping up from his seat with excitement and completely altering the mood of the room.
"Please Sam," said Mistical, "This isn't exactly the right time to talk about follower."
"Or... or is it," said Requiem, receiving surprised looks from the others. "Who would know The Unnamed even more than The Unnamed himself? His followers!"
"Of course," said Duck. "The Unnamed's followers are like his stalkers, they would know every detail about him. They would know what his favourite colour is, where he lives, and even what bra size he wears."
"Yeah, but wouldn't all his followers be at his hiding place. How could we get in contact with one of them?" said Swik.
"Back at the farm there should still be plenty left unconscious after that big fight," Dynasty said, "We could just ask one of them."
"So that's the plan?" Valice said, "Go back to the farm, ask a follower where The Unnamed his hiding, go to where he's hiding, map sure he's actually there, and report back to China."
"Yep," said Duck, "And it's the most uncomplicated plan we've had so far."


  1. Yay!!! We're getting somewhere with finding the Unnamed! XD
    Great chapter Duck.
    Sam has stalkers *giggles* Misti's probably one of them. XD
    Duck I think you got the meeting spot on, and how we all looked at Dynasty. Awesome, smart, funny and it has a funeral, what more could you want.
    And lol bra sizes!

  2. *Still laughing because of the bra sizes*
    I totally agree with Misti, amazing chapter Duck!! :)
    So lets "ask" the followers! ;D

  3. Lol! That was really good! Haha! I llove it how everyone looked at me! Great chap!