Friday, 1 November 2013

Dynasty - In the lions den

When they entered the lions den (the Elders room) the Elders were all sitting on chairs and eyeing them like they had committed a murder.
"Sit down." said the Grandmage, China Sorrows.
"Thank you." said Mistical and they all sat down.
"Nice to see you China." said Dynasty his eyes were watering at the beauty of her.
Valice nudged him and he stopped.
"Please will all of you's stop looking at me like dogs."
"O...o of course." they all said.
"Anyways lets get this meeting done, we need the unnamed dead, he is destroying sanctuary's and where all to scared to do anything."
"Yes," said Duck "however we have been fighting to stop him and we nearly had him dead."
"Yes but you failed." cut in Elder Rathrock.
"Well at least we tried." complained Sam.
"Trying isn't enough!" he shouted.
"Well why don't you get up of your lazy ares and try yourself!" shouted Valice!
China was not having this.
"We need to stop arguing," said China. " If we want to defeat the Unnamed then we need to work together not try to kill each other.
"Yes, sorry." said Valice and Rathrockt stayed silent.
 "Now, I have your first mission handy."
"Yes what is it?" said Chione.
"You must find where the Unnamed is hiding," she said. "Once you have found out do not attack, come back to us and then we will begin the first attack. The key to winning is taking little goals at a time, and after a while it will take a big affect on the enemy. Now go and don't return until you have found his base."
And then they left.

Sorry if I didn't write your characters very well ~ Brad/Dynasty