Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Unnamed- Planning Problems

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but where did you tell me to stand guard?"
"For the last time, over there by the gate! You're lucky I've killed too many people today, because if I hadn't..."
The timid follower scampered off at a quick pace before the Unnamed could finish his threat and took up position with another three guards. Ordering his followers around with just hand signals was far too complicated for these imbeciles so the Unnamed reckoned that yelling at them was a much better way of communicating is commands. Some of his other followers were moving crates and boxes, others were carefully carrying heavy machinery, and another group were having what seemed to be a coffee break. "I'll have to have a word with those guys," thought the Unnamed, "a word of death! Ha ha ha... no, that isn't really that funny at all." He just frowned, turned around, and walked inside.
The building he had set up as his new hideout was just on the outskirts of Roarhaven. It was a small, castle like building that was used during the war with Mevolent. The Unnamed had completely missed all that, what with being dead and all. It would have being fun working with Mevolent and then stabbing him in the back once the war was won with his help.
Lord Vile was standing motionless behind a desk on a small, circular stage in the middle of the room. The Unnamed strolled up to meet him and stood on the other side of the desk.
"So how's life?" asked the Unnamed.
Lord Vile was obviously not in the mood for talking, like he always is, and he produced from behind his back a role of blue paper.
"Ah, yes. The blueprints to my devious plan."
Lord Vile just stared at him.
"Okay then, our devious plan."
Second went by.
"Fine, your devious plan. Are you happy now?"
It was actually the Unnamed's plan but Lord Vile seemed happy, if it was possible for him to seem happy. Lord Vile stared at him for a moment but then placed the blueprints on the desk in between them both and pointed at a section of it.
"The Desolation Engine," said the Unnamed, "I sent a few of my followers to retrieve it from the bottom of the sea after Mr Renn saved everyone from it. The other one, I have being told, was destroyed by officials after the Dublin Sanctuary blew up. What about it?"
A few hand gestures were made by Lord Vile, they were vague but simple when put into context.
"Yes, it did blow up but the Engine still stays intact after it goes off. It has being used twice after all. If you want proof, just wait a couple of minutes for the search team to return, then you'll see it for yourself."
Lord Vile seemed satisfied, but then pointed to another part of the blueprint.
"Yeah, that's the perfect place to put it. She is always in the Sanctuary and if she isn't, she would be around Mr Pleasant and Miss Cain or, if we're really lucky, those band of misfits who cut my head off."
Vile crossed his arms, signalling he disagrees with something.
"What? What is it?" asked the Unnamed but then he quickly realised. "Oh, do you like our bomber-y do you? Is that it? Are you in love with the person who we'll strap the Desolation Engine to?"
There was no answer, verbal or physical, from Vile. The Unnamed took that as a yes.
"I can't blame you for that, really. I just assumed someone like you would be more... resistant. Anyway, moving on. Care to point out any more problems you have with your perfect blueprints?"
Lord Vile put up a single finger, then turn the blueprint over. On the other side was written a single phrase: Awesome Plan - Part 2.
"That's the only part that's wrong with the plan, no part two," said the Unnamed, "I haven't actually thought of it yet, but once we get into the remains of the Repository and we gather up some of the most deadliest objects known to sorcerers then I will. With that equipment, your infinite power of Necromancy, and my great knowledge of the language of magic, we will undoubtedly have the ability to murder every single sorcerer on the face of this planet, apart from you and me, and we will be rulers of the mortals!"
Lord Vile stood there.
"Look, it's a work in progress. Now, If you'll excuse me, I have some coffee drinkers to execute."

Right, so that's the Unnamed's vague plan.
He does seem to be overly positive and happy but after all the decapitation part I thought it would still suite his character. Beside, I like writing happy joking people.
And if you're wondering if there is a paradox with both Skulduggery and Vile in the story now, don't fear. Just think of it like at the end of Mortal Coil.


  1. *nods* ok I'm thinking of it as like the end of Mortal Coil.
    But Great chapter Duck. Your jokes where amusing!
    I thought the word of death was funny! Corny but funny! :D

    I like how the Unnamed can somehow interpret Vile's actions. Dose Vile know sign language? Dose the Unnamed know sign language? =/


    I MUST FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Misti!
      I had thought I made the person obvious but after reading it again I found that it wasn't that obvious.

      You'll just have to wait and see then......

    2. D= NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO FIND OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

      *Stamps foot and throws an tantrum*
      *Hurtles tantrum at Duck*

      BAD DUCK!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHO BOOM BOOM PERSON IS NOW!!! ((Translation: Boom boom person it the person with the bomb))

      Uh now I'm going to act my age rather than the age of two or three. *Clears throat* D= I really want to know who the person it!!! I know the saying curiosity killed that cat, but the thing is I'm not a cat!

    3. Awesome chapter!!!!!!!

      Duck- this person, Vile's lover, is it China?? :D

    4. I would say yes, by I'll say no right now on account of Misti's reaction

    5. Yes, I knew it!! ;D
      Äh, I mean oh, I thought I knew it... :( ;)

    6. >:| ... *Mutters something* ah my guess wasn't even close, dam it.
      I suck at guessing games.

    7. My guess was the random new chick who's name nobody knows.

    8. She and Vile do have the same kind of humor... :D

  2. That was a really good chapter Duck :) Lord Vile is really funny with his humor lol