Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dynasty - Where does the Unnamed hides

When they returned to the farm they were very right. There was about twenty of them there most of them dead but the rest alive!
"So... what do we do?" said Sam.
"Oh so now you come off your phone!" said Valice, not impressed.
"Hey I cannot disappoint my twitter followers can I?"
They ignored him.
Dynasty nudged one and there was no movement.
"How about we put a flame to him that might work." said Duck.
"Yeah good idea Duck!"
Dynasty clicked his fingers and a flame sparked.
"Hey, have you decided on your magic ability yet?" asked Chione.
"No, to be honest I don't really care, but I have been having these strange dreams about where I have my surge and I can still use any magic ability!"
"That could help us!"
Dynasty put the flame to the Unnamed's minon and his big, red eyes opened in a scream.
"Bloody hell!"
"Where is the Unnamed's hideout?"
"I shall not tell!"
"Dynasty," said Valice "burn him!"
Dynasty put a even bigger flame to him and then he gave in."
"OK, OK I'll tell you."
"Where?" demanded Duck.
Sam who was still on his phone, was hardly aware of what was going on.
Chione walked over to him.
"Hey what ya doing?"
"Done, let's go help!"
Sam and Chione walked over to the red eyed minion who was telling them the location.
"It's just out of Roarhaven, quite close to Sanctuary."
"OK, bye." said Mistical who put a sword into him.
"Mistical," said Valice. "he helped us!"
"Oh well." said Dynasty.
Chione tapped Dynasty on the back.
"Uh Dynasty..."
"Unnamed's followers behind us loads of them run."
And they ran.


  1. Cool! Great chapter Dynasty!
    >:D and of course the minion cracks under presser and pain.
    and *shrugs* we can't let him tell any of the other minions that he spiled info on the Unnamed or the other could tell the Unnamed. Then the Unnamed would move to a different hideout. And we can't have that happening now can we >:D