Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dynasty- Lets get this started again!

Hiiii guys,
                 I'm so sorry I haven't been able to write :/ I've just been so busy with school and I wanna start again now I've got some time!! So comment down below whats been going on while I've been away and after that we can begin too blog again :)


  1. Well University's been going on and trying to apply for a volunteer job and ... wait you mean in the story right? ... woops

    Ok rundown: (In roughly chronological order) *Clears throat in deep Narrator's voice*

    Previously on 'Return of the Unnamed'
    Teams where decided in order to attack the Unnamed's layer and to disable the deadly desolation engine!
    Alfa: Valice, China and Dexter;
    Beta: Dynasty Chione, Skulduggery and Valkyrie;
    Charlie: Duck Fletcher, Saracen and Woman;
    Delta: Mistical and Swik;
    and Echo: Sam and Requiem

    Although there were complaints with the disguises and the means of sneaking into the fortress via drain pipes all teams made in inside as planed. With Echo manning the security room, Charlie seeking towards where the machine is held, Alpha engaging the Unnamed and Vile, Delta causing a decoy and Beta heading into the hideout.
    All the teams successfully managed to get to their assigned places and began pulling off their plan. Through a change in luck occurred when Delta became outgunned. During the skirmish to gain control of the courtyard Swik lost her life leaving Mistical in a blind rage.
    What will happen next on RETURN OF THE UNNAMED?!

    (Does that help fill everything in? I recommend just reading everything it's so much clearer then when I recap it. You've probably only missed 8-10 chapters, they're not to long each)

  2. Wow! Sounds great! So sorry I've been really busy with starting high school but I'm off now so on one of my lazy days I will read them all then I'll begin writing again! If we can get the others to write have you got their emails? Or any way to contact them? :D

  3. Sorry for being absent for so long, school's keeping me busy and I've started writing a SP/SPN crossover on so that's taking up most of my writing time right now, but if we all start this up again I'll make time for it, promised! It's good to hear from you again btw! ;)