Monday, 27 May 2013

Valice- Join me or die

Valice was sitting in a nice Cafe and ate a big strawberry ice. It was a cloudy day and most people hurried around in warm jackets wearing scarfs, but she didn't care. A girl came across the place and sat down in front of her. She was mortal, had no taken name and so it had been easy for Valice to become her 'friend'.
"Hi Valice!" 
She had this stupid, bright smile on her face, she always wore when she was around her. Valice had nothing against mortals, not at all, they were people as everyone else, but she had so many things to do, she needed someone who did the boring parts of her work. 
"Hi Nora,  nice to see you. And? Is there anything I should know?"
" I still don't get why you don't talk to all this people yourself! They are all so- special!"
"So am I, but to answer your question- I don't want to. My opinions are so different from the German Sanctuary's, and they don't like me. So, is there something?"
"Oh yes, there is. He told me to get this message to you: He has returned, the Unnamed has returned! If you want to join him, go to the cathedral and wait for him." 
"Wait, what?!"
"That's the message. He returned to our dimension and if you don't join him, you'll die!"
She stood up slowly. 
"I have to go!"
"No you stay! Nora!" 
But the girl started running like someone was after her. Valice stood up quickly and wanted to follow her but a waitress came to her and shouted: "Hey, you, you have to pay first!" Angrily Valice gave her some money. "Keep the change!", she said and then she ran. 
"I wouldn't go there if I were you!"
An old man stepped into her way, 
" nothing a girl your age should see."
"What happened?"
"This girl, not much younger than you I think, she came running and then.. then... She ran right onto the street and got hit by a car, she was dead within seconds!"

"Why did you kill her?"
"To show that I mean what I say."
They stood under a tree, the cathedral next to them. 
"I know who you are, I would never think you are joking." 
"It was just to be sure, would you please stop complaining now? Do you want to join me or not?"
"First, tell me what all this is about."
"Revenge, that's it."
"Why would I care about your revenge?" She laughed. "Why would you need me?"
"So you got better things to do?"
"True too, and otherwise you kill me, right?"
"Well, what choice do I have?"
"Great, I'll introduce you to the other members of this little group later, you'll here from me soon enough."
And then he turned and went away. "Wow", she said. "That's gonna be very funny or very bad!"
And the she went away too and left the siren's wailing behind her.


  1. Awesome this is great so glad people are contributing to this!
    The Unnamed is starting to scare me.

  2. Me too, that's why I decided to join him... :D

  3. Smart move Valice! Joining him seems like the better option!