Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Duck- Quite a lot more Exciting

As the Australian Sanctuary's minister of foreign affairs, Duck has the duty to tell everybody of what had happened. It didn't take him long send a text message to every mage and sorcerer alive. With the aid of magic and modern technology, he was able to spread the message within twenty minutes. After he was done replying to the number of replies he got, Duck strode to Bohemian's Elysian Field.

The room was tapped off and many people hung around. There were ten or so cleavers positioned equally around the corridor and a couple of on lookers were try to peer through the mass of detectives and more-important-mages that crowded the door. As Duck neared, Grand mage Sapient casually walked over to his side. Sapient was a kind and wise Grand mage. His brown beard hung low down his chest and his golden robes sparkled in the light.
"So have you contacted everyone, told them the news?" He asked as both him and Duck observed the detectives doing their work.
"Yes, I texted every sorcerer who has a phone," Duck replied. "But are we sure that The Unnamed has actually returned, what other evidence to we have apart from the... uh, wall paintings?"
"Well I'm no detective, but I'm fairly sure that Bohemian's dead body outside your office is a dead give away." Duck laughed aloud at the slight pun but Sapient just slowly turned his head to look at him as Duck's laugh died out, an eyebrow raised.
"But how did he die?" Duck blurted before it got too awkward. "I know that it was probably from blood loss but the cuts on his hands and arms, who did it?"
"According to our prime detectives, it was Bohemian himself," Sapient said. "He must have seen a horrible vision about The Unnamed and went completely bonkers. No one else was in the room and the rainbow dust tells us that the only magic used were of psychic origins."
"So Bohemian just cut himself and painted warnings on the walls with his own blood?"
"Looks to be that way."
"So what else was on the walls?" Duck asked.
"Just the usual stuff you get when a psycho gets his hands on writing material, 'there will be bloodshed', 'run, you fools', 'get away before it's too late'. But there was a sentence written on the roof stating that, and I quote: 'The followers will fight and flee'." 

They were both in deep thought when they heard hurrying footsteps behind them. Duck and Sapient turned to see the sanctuary's administrator running towards them with an envelope.
"Oh, good," Sapient said as put his hand out to receive the envelope. "I've being waiting for this document for a while."
The administrator handed him the envelope.
"Classified information about The Unnamed" Sapient said before Duck could even ask. "This has come all the way from Ireland in only a few short hours. Don't know why they can't just email us this stuff, it would be heaps simpler."
He turned the envelope around to open the seal, realised it was already open, took out the file, then started reading.

Duck, deciding not to just stand there, headed back to his office. Bohemian's body and blood had been cleaned up and there was no blood trail either. He sat on his chair, reliving in his mind the events of today. Nothing that thrilling had ever happened to him, ever. He could just see that his boring life as a 'minister of paperwork' was about to became quite a lot more exciting.


  1. Do you think we need to have some kind of order to post in, otherwise the story ends going off in a different direction and whatever I was just planning on writing is completely irrelevant?

    Just a thought...

    AWesome post Duck

  2. hmm 'the followers will fight and flee'
    Very interesting!!!

    And maybe not an order just yet we all need a starting point an we can make the stories connect later we just need to ... how do I put this ... establish this world that we've made?

    But AWESOME Duck! I can't wait to see where this all goes!

  3. Requiem
    I don'tthink thats a good idea just keep it simple and post when you like...


  4. I realised 2 minutes ago that all the text was in the wrong position.

    I fixed it just then even though none of you will be reading this on account of it is now classified as an old post...