Sunday, 26 May 2013

Valice- The Return

It was a warm summer evening, children were playing on the streets, neighbours were chatting and friends  met for a barbecue spontaniously. Everything seemed to be good and friendly and noone thought about anything bad. 
'Soon enough that will change', he thought, looking at the small town. He stood on a small hill, hidden from the prying eyes of the villagers by some trees, feeling so cold in this warm season. Right here it had happened, right here they had banned him, but now he was back and all he could think about was revenge. He had waited so long and now it was time. Time to show the world that he was back, as powerfull and reckless and cold as he'd ever been, time to remind them who he was and what cruel enemy they had made.
He laughed.
'What a weird sound', he thought, and made a step out of the little forest, took a deep breath and started his way down the hill, still smiling.
"You should have known that I'd come back, and you'll never stop me!"


Not long but at least a beginning! :D