Monday, 27 May 2013

Mistical Future - The Unnamed Visitor

She moved quickly and sliced the vampire’s head off. The vampire’s body collapsed and Mistical looked at the head that rolled at her feet. She picked it up by the ears and tossed it in a nearby dumpster, and then she grabbed the body and dumped it in there.
“Well that takes care of the garbage” she muttered
“You know Miss Future you were called something different when I was last here” said a voice from behind. Mistical spun around ‘How’d he get the jump on me?’ she thought. She looked at the man standing in the front of the alley.
“You were called the promisor of victories” he continued “Yet you disappeared along time ago, but you’ve repapered just like I have. And I have and offer for you”
“Who are you” Mistical asked
“Well my taken name isn’t well known” he replied
“Then tell me the name that you are well known by” she said
“The Unnamed, that is what I’m best known as” he said
“You’re kidding me, the guy is now and evil legend, he’d dead”
“I wouldn’t be so sure after all people think you’re dead”
“They don’t know that person is me”
“No but your still considered an legend”
“If that’s what they consider me then they are fools”
“Ether way I have and offer, would you join me? Help Me?”
“Do what?”
“Get revenge”
“On who”
“On people that ruined my life, that banished me from this world”
“Ok, one I don’t even know you and two you were banished for a reason”
“And now I’m back, it was inevitable and they knew that”
“Sure they did” said Mistical rolling her eyes
“So will you join me on my quest for revenge, you will not be alone there are others”
“Uh no thanks”
“You could kill many people while you help me” he said, Mistical’s face darkened and her mask glared back at the Unnamed.
“I don’t kill anymore” she said with an edge in her voice
“Yes I notated that” he said as he gestured to the dumpster
“I don’t kill humans”
“But that vampire was human”
“No, not any more. What remains of that human is only a shell. That thing isn’t human and will never again be human”
“When you put it that way there is truth in it. So will you except my offer on not”
“I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you but it’s a no and will always be a no”
“That is disappointing, I would of rather you talents not have gone to wast” he moved towards her but Mistical jumped up and a grappling hook extended from her belt. She was pulled to the top of the building. She looked down from the top of the building
“I’m sorry to leave without a fight but if you are the Unnamed then I must spread the word that you are back” She said
“There is no need for that I’ve already begun to spread the word” he replied
Mistical shrugged “Oh well the I must spread it faster” then she ran off and headed towards the Australian Sanctuary


    Is the Unnamed Elemental or adept? If adept what discipline? And what does he look like?

    Very good post Misti, you seem like an interesting character.

  2. Erm, how about a well you's can decide honestly I don't care.

    Very good post must better than mine :)

  3. In my opinion he would be and elemental because he taught Mevolent and Mevolent is an Elemental ... that's what I think at least