Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dynasty - A nice Barbaque

Dynasty ate a sausage and smiled. Finally he could just forget about the war and...
He would of thought relax but as the thing came down he was knocked off his chair. He cursed. But suddenly he realized who it was the Unnamed. A good friend to his Dad. 
The unnamed smiled and spoke.
"We need you."
"For what?"
He smiled and Dynasty backed away.
"On who?"
"Come and join us and you will have the great revenge."
He wasn't sure, but as his Dad was here he wanted to go and see him. He walked with the Unnamed. He was back for good...
Dynasty chomped on his sausage.


  1. I don't feel comfortable leaving my email with someone i don't know and have never really met... (No offense! I'm sure you're wonderful!) My parents are strict with online safety...

  2. This story is gonna be sooo awesome!!!!! :D
    And asking again, does anyone wants to follow my blog?? :D