Monday, 26 May 2014

Mistical / Sam - Delta with a bit of Echo

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a bit! 
I started writing this chapter a while ago, it just got forgotten. 
Oh and just a quick reminder Mistical has super hearing so she uses her hearing to to constantly survey what's going on around her. 

Swik dropped Mistical off on the top the roof of a tower. Mistical pulled the bow off her back. She had asked Fletcher to take her home so she could get her bow and arrows. Mistical was a close range fighter so unless she had a ranged weapon or could get close to someone she was useless. Swik on the other hand could do both close to long ranged attacks because of the unlimited feathers that she could shoot out. Mistical spun around and shot a follower in the chest, he instantly collapsed. She didn’t want to kill but from this distance and with the weapon that she was using she didn’t have much of a choice. Mistical shot another follower in the leg, he screamed, tripped then fell over the balustrading of the wall. Mistical winced as she heard bone brake, the guy died by a broken neck. Mistical heard a follower on the wall behind her, she spun around and dodged as the follower let out an energy beam. Mistical notched two arrows but the follower was taken down by Swik’s black feathers.
“Don’t hog all the fun!” yelled Swik, Mistical heard two followers aiming for Swik. Mistical drew the string back and let the arrows fly, they went on both sides of Swik’s head and embedded themselves in the faces of the two followers. Swik’s eyes widened and she slowly turned around to see the two bodies in pools of blood.
“Uh thanks” breathed Swik
“You’ve gotta watch where your flying” said Mistical with a smile.
“With the way your shooting I’ve definitely gotta watch where I’m flying!” said Swik grinning back
“Oh, now that was mean!” said Mistical, “I’m not that bad at shooting!”
Swik didn’t respond she just shot her dark feathers at a couple of followers.
“Oh so you giving me the silent treatment now?” muttered Mistical as she shot another follower. They made a good pair and constantly covered each other back. Swik and Mistical where drawing the attention of the whole facility, just as the planned. But they didn’t make it obvious that they were a distraction. Both of them kept shouting out ideas of how they planned to get in and made several attempts to get through the doors. But of cause they never actually let themselves succeed in getting through the doors.

Sam was flicking through the security cameras with Requiem keeping constant watch over all of the groups. The multiple screens meant that Sam could see live images from numerous cameras. All was going well, everyone was doing what they were supposed to and all of the chaos from the multiple strikes caused an excellent distraction for team Charlie. Sam shut off a couple of alarms so the teams could get through unnoticed.
“Alpha has engaged the Unnamed and Vile” said Requiem
Sam watched as team Charlie had entered the room with the desolation machine. “Charlie’s in” said Sam to Requiem, she nodded

“Hey, Mist” yelled Swik from her position in the air
“Yeah” Mistical yelled back, just after she let an arrow fly
“Is that something that we should worry about?” responded Swik pointing to something that a group of followers where pulling through a double door.
Mistical cursed, “It’s a turret!”
Swik had a double take at the machinery that the followers where pulling though then she swore. Swik was ready to shoot when a loud wine started up and a yellow beam of energy shot at her. Swik twisted in the air but the blast caught her on her right wing. Swik yelped and tumbled to the ground. Mistical was about to go and help when the turret started shooting at her. Mistical ran as fast as she could only just managing to stay ahead of the bullets then the jumped off the edge of the roof and bullets whizzed over her head. Mistical landed heavily on the next level but came up running. Mistical turned around and sprinted towards where Swik fell. The turret began to point at Mistical but she loosed an arrow and it gammed the machine. Mistical jumped down and landed in the large caught yard. When Mistical reached her friend, Swik was standing and shooting feathers at the followers.
“Swik, are you ok?!” asked Mistical stopping next to her.
“No, god damn it! They busted my wing with that machine!” yelled Swik and showed Mistical her right wing that had a gaping one meter hole.
Mistical swore, “They tore up you metal wing?!”
“Yeah with that piece of junk!” replied Swik and gestured to another piece of machinery that looked like a techno cannon that had four mages holding onto some disks. The cannon was glowing yellow
“Uh Swik I think that we’ve got to move, that thing looks like it’s charging up again” said Mistical as she tugged her friend along. “Behind that wall! NOW!” Mistical yelled and shoved her friend behind it and dove after her. The yellow energy blasted through the meter thick wall like it was made of butter.
“I’m so dam glad that that shot above our heads” said Swik
“Ditto” replied Mistical a little breathless. Their moment of relief didn’t last long when the turret began shooting at them. Swik grabbed Mistical’s jacket to stop her from running and covered them both with her left wing. The bullets shredder the ground and the wall beside them but just dinged and deflected off Swik’s wing. Mistical stared at Swik,
“What? I thought you knew that it was bullet proof?” said Swik with a smirk

“Requiem can you keep an eye on all of the teams? I’ll still keep an eye on Charlie though” said Sam
“Um I guess so. Why?” said Requiem
“Because” said Sam smirking while he cracked his knuckles, “I’m going to do some hacking” 

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    Nice chapter, Misti. I'm glad someone finally wrote one, I just feel bad if I write two in a row...


    1. No this blog is not dead!!!! XD High-five for keeping it alive!

      And thanks for the complement!!
      I'm just sorry that I didn't finish this sooner!

  2. Amazing chapter, I'm really sorry that I've been gone for so long, I just have so much stuff going on right now. I'll try to post something as soon as possible! :)