Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sam Night - Teams

“We’ll go fight the Unnamed” said Skulduggery, “You’ll need our uncanny skills”
“Yeah we’ll go” said Valkyrie
“Oh great can I be on your team?” asked Chione
“Sure” said Skulduggery, “The more the merrier”
“I’m going to fight the Unnamed again as well” said Dynasty
“Great that’s one group” said Sam
“I’ll fight the Unnamed as well!” said Valice
“I want to see if I can fry the man” said Dexter
China sighed, “Well I suppose that I’m going to have to go as well”
“And another group” said Sam who was taking notes
“Well I’ll just go and help destroy the machine” said Duck,
Sam nodded, “Requiem which group do you want to go in?”
“Uh yours if that’s ok? I think that there’s enough in the other groups and you could use all the help that you could get if you’re supervising four other groups” said Requiem
“Yeah that cool. And your right I could use the help” said Sam and he scribbled something else down
“Right so how are we going to get the costumes?” asked China
“Uh maybe we could take out some guards that patrol the area” said Valice
“Also before we organise that” said Mistical, “Do you have certain security protocols that we need to use to get in? Other than the password”
“No” said Dirk
“OK then, good” said Mistical, “Do you think our plan will work? You know going in with discuses then making a distraction to divert the follower’s attention”
“I think it’ll work as long as you don’t make it seem to obvious that your distraction team is a distraction” said Dirk
“Ok then” said Swik, “We won’t obviously be the distraction team”
“Alright then the teams are: Alfa: Valice, China and Dexter; Beta: Dynasty Chione, Skulduggery and Valkyrie; Charlie: Duck Fletcher, Saracen and Woman; Delta: Mistical and Swik; Echo: Sam and Requiem” said Sam, “Does anyone have any problems with that?”
“Yes! Why aren’t I with China?” asked Dirk
“Uh, because you’re not coming” replied Sam. Dirk looked furious and started glaring at Sam like he was going to kill him.
“Uh before you do something that you might regret I just have to point out that you are wearing handcuffs whereas I am not” said Sam, “I’m also an expert at mixed martial arts and I have claws in my gloves” said Sam flexing his hand and showing the claws as the extended, “So the main question that you should ask yourself first is, do you want to live?” This made Dirk hesitate
“its ok sugar plumb, we’re just keeping you here to make sure you’re safe. If something happened to you I don’t know what I would do!” said China obviously acting, but Dirk bought it.
“W-well alright if you want me to stay here” responded Dirk. Everyone piled out of the room and headed towards a meeting room to plan the details of the plan if they could.
“Oh my god! I could barely stop myself from killing that man” said China, “He’s so pathetic it repels me. Skulduggery remind me never to be that nice to a hostage ever again”
Skulduggery nodded, “Sure China” said Skulduggery. Then after an minute, “China never be that nice to a hostage ever again”
China smiled and rolled her eyes, “Thanks for reminding me”
“You’re welcome” said Skulduggery 

((Sorry I took a bit. And If anything needs changing just tell me.))


  1. That's an awesome chapter Misti, I'm about to go to school and it just made my day! :D

    1. XD I'm glad that you though it was awesome and I'm super glad that it made your day! Now I've made two girls happy today! YAY! XD

      Thanks Valice!

  2. Uh I'm a bit busy with school at the moment so if anyone else want's to do the next post go for it.

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