Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mistical Future - Dangerous devises!

The woman that no one knew the name of started to curse in multiple languages. Everyone let her curse for a minute.
“What is it? What do you know about this?” asked Skulduggery calmly, “Is it the devise that the revenge team used to try and destroy the stadium with?”
The woman completely ignored Skulduggery and turned to Dirk,
“Does he really have the desolation machine?” asked the woman urgently.
Dirk glanced at and China nodded to him, indicating that he should answer.
“Y-yes he has it” said Dirk
“Does he know how to use it?” asked the woman sounding worried
“He has some scientist that are working out how to use it and they've figured out the majority of the controls” said Dirk. The woman began cursing in multiple languages.
“Uh if you tell us what you’re cursing about then we can curse with you” said Swik. The woman glared at Swik
“No you don’t understand the desolation machine is not something to joke about especially if the Unnamed has figured out most of the controls” said the woman
“Well, is it the desolation engine?” asked Skulduggery
“It is, but the machine is an extra part. It enables the desolation engine to be programed to either destroy all organisms within its radius or destroy everything in its radius”  said the woman
“So by destroy all organisms do you mean that all the organism with in its reach will be killed but the buildings, rocks and other non-living matter will stay intact?” asked Sam
“Yes” said the woman
“So if the Unnamed wanted something within an area then he could use this explosive and kill everyone in the area then stroll around and go get whatever the hell he wanted?” asked Sam
“Yes” replied the woman
“That’s kind of cool” said Sam. Mistical jabbed him in the ribs, “Ow!” said Sam
“Sam that’s not cool, if the Unnamed want’s something here then he could literally walk over our corpses to get it” said Mistical
“No that’s not what I meant!” said Sam raising one hand in surrender and the other clutching his ribs, “I meant that the devise is cool, not out dead bodies!”
 Before an argument could break out Skulduggery asked another question
“How come you know about this extra piece but we don’t” asked Skulduggery, the woman hesitated
“Because it was a top secret project and only the people who worked on it and some Sanctuaries elders knew about it” said the woman
“So how do you know so much about it?” asked Valkyrie. The woman stayed silent for a little
“Well I uh I worked on the project” said the woman, “And that’s how I know it’s extremely dangerous!”
“And the truth comes out” said Saracen
“If you know how to work it can you shut it down or destroy it?” asked Dynasty
“Yes I can, but you’ll need to get me there” said the woman
“Great!” said Duck then he turned to Dirk, “Where is it?”
“In the basement of the Unnamed’s hideout in the most heavily guarded room” replied Dirk
“Typical” said Dexter shaking his head
“So Typical” said Saracen shaking his head as well
“Do you know the safest way to get there an shut it off?” asked Chione
“No, I don’t work in the science department” said Dirk
“Typical” muttered Dexter
“Well do you know any security passwords or where the surveillance room is?” asked Valice
“He dose” said Requiem  
“I thought this room was magic secure” said Valice
“No, we just put the hand cuffs on him” said Valkyrie
“Right” said Valice, “That makes sense”
“So where’s the surveillance room?” asked Dynasty
“On the ground level. When you walk through the front gate after the checkpoint then you take a left and it is the second door on the left” said Dirk
“If we take over the surveillance room then it’ll be much easier to both get around and find the desolation machine” said Mistical
“Yeah that sounds good” said Saracen
“So do you know any passwords?” asked Duck
“Yes” replied Dirk then he zoned out and went googly eyes on China
“Darling what do you know the passwords to and what are they” asked China sweetly
“I-I know the password to get in, to use the lift, for the surveillance room, the meeting rooms and all of the storage rooms”
“That’s a fair few passwords” said Swik, “Are they all different?”
“Yes they’re all different” said Dirk
“Ok so what are they?” asked Skulduggery
Dirk told them the passwords for everything and Skulduggery wrote them down on a notebook.
“Is that all of them?” asked Skulduggery when he finished writing a password
“Yes” said Dirk as he stared a China, his eyes slipped down to her chest
“My face is up here sweetie” said China leaning forward putting her elbows on the table and framing her face with her hands.
“Right” said Saracen as he, Dexter and Sam straightened up and looked away from China. There was a silence till Mistical elbowed Sam in the gut. Sam dubbed over and grunted in pain.
“Stop making googly eyes at her!” said Mistical, Sam just groaned in response. Mistical sat down next to Sam.
“You didn't need to elbow me” said Sam
“No, your right” said Mistical, “I should have kicked you” Sam looked at her in disbelief
“Don’t be so mean” said Sam
“Don’t look at other women like that” replied Mistical then she lent her head on his shoulders
“Fine” said Sam as he lent his head on hers, “But this one was an accident”  
“It best have been” said Mistical in a warning voice. Everyone stared at Sam and Mistical and where silent for a minute. “You do realise that you can continue the conversation” said Mistical
“Uh … yes” said Dexter, “Right”
“So what’s our plan of attack going to be?” asked Chione
“After seeing that I'm glad that I'm not in any relationship” whispered Saracen
“Ditto” replied Dexter
“Ditto again” said Fletcher
“Well since we have the codes we might be able to put on discuses and pass for a follower” said Swik
I'm not putting on any costume” said Skulduggery, “I like my suit”
“Uh you can be out prisoner?” said Requiem
Skulduggery grunted at this.
“Oh if we’re going in I vote for Sam to be the I.T. guy!” said Mistical, “He’s great at techno stuff and he could probably control the cameras and lead us where we need to go”
“Ok Sam’s the I.T. guy” said Dynasty
“I think that only half of us should go or we should split up into groups and go in separately” said Valice, everyone nodded at this
“If we’re in small groups then we will be less likely to be detected and we will be able to go after both the machine and the Unnamed” said Chione
“We could also have a decoy group” said Valkyrie
“That means that there will be three groups of five” said Skulduggery
“That’s including if I go” said China, Skulduggery nodded
“Yes your right” replied Skulduggery
“But Sam will be staying in the surveillance room so it will be two groups of five and one group of four” pointed out Mistical
“Right my mistake” said Skulduggery
“Ha you admitted you mad a mistake” said Valkyrie
“No, I just counted the number of people then divided by three, and that resulted in three groups of five” said Skulduggery simply, “And Sam can be a part of another group till he gets into the room and gets set up” Valkyrie crossed her arms, obviously not happy with Skulduggery’s answer but she didn't say anything
“So now the main question is who’s going to be in each group?” said Dexter
“I have to go to the machine” said the woman
“We know that” said Sam, “But I think that she should be a group of five because the might need an extra hand helping her with destroying it and we need at least three people defending her if needed”
“I agree, dose anyone disagree to that?” asked Skulduggery, no one objected, “Saracen it might be good if you go with that woman, your knowledge may be useful for an early warning. You too Fletcher you might be handy especially if we can move the thing” Saracen nodded.
“Right” said Fletcher, “But why am I never in the fights”
“Because your too important to us” said Valkyrie
“Yeah Ok, whatever” said Fletcher
“Oh uh don’t you think that five people taking on the Unnamed and Vile is flirting with death?” asked Swik
Skulduggery hesitated, “Right yes, that might be a bit too dangerous”
“But there has to be more than one person being the diversion otherwise they would suspect something” said Valkyrie
“What about two people?” asked Mistical grinning
“Two is good” said Skulduggery
“Well then Swik and I will be the diversion” said Mistical, “You guys just need to get in first then Swik can fly over and land right in the middle of their base carrying me”
“That might work” said Saracen
“Yeah we’re fast and agile plus we have bullet protection” said Mistical
“Bullet protection?” asked Duck
Mistical tugged on her coat, “Bullet proof” she said while tugging it
Swik extended her wings, “Bullet proof” said simply  Swik as she thumbed towards her wings.
“And we might need to divide the Unnamed attack force group in two, in order to avoid suspicion” said Dexter
“Ok now we just need to sort out who’s going in to the machine and who’s going to fight the Unnamed” said Dynasty

Sorry that it's long! I guess that I wanted to get out a heap of writing. Um you guys can sort out who's in what group, so there's the machine group and two groups fighting the Unnamed. Sorry that my characters when solo or in pairs, I was honestly thinking of how they could contribute and the logic of having more that five people take on the Unnamed and Vile. Yeah I hope that it was a good start for 2014! And if not or yo feel like something needs to change e.g. my maths was off and I calculated the wrong number or something. BTW I counted 15 people in case you do want to check my maths.


  1. Ah, haven't seen a post on this site for AGES!

    I'll be in the group with Saracen, Fletcher and the unnamed woman (.....*evil grin*.....) who are getting the Desolation Engine.

    Oh, and a lovely chapter Misti.

    1. Thanks Duck!

      And yeah this sight was lonely so I wrote something and gave it some visitors! XD

      And now it's a happy blog! (Or at least I think so)

  2. Great chapter Misti!! :)

    I will join one of the groups who'll fight the Unnamed, I don't really care which one. It'd be cool if Chione was in the other group so that I can write chapters for both groups! :)

  3. Btw the China/ all the boys part was GREAT, I was laughing the whole time! ;D

    1. XD Thanks! That's what I was aiming for!
      And I'm glad that you liked it!

  4. Oh and if you guys want me to write the next one then I will but uh I'd like to know your preferences of who you want in your groups. I was thinking SP and Val might want to go and attack the Unnamed and Vile so yeah I think there going to be in the attacking groups

    So the people that are up for grabs are Dexter, China, Val, and SP

    the attack groups will be split up into groups of 3 and 4 so yeah. First in best dresses

    but uh the groups so far are

    Alfa : Valice
    Beta : Chonie (Possibly) and Dynasty (Unless he says otherwise, (It might be good to split everyone up as much as possible to give everyone as much freedom to write))
    Charlie : Woman, Fletcher, Saracen and Duck
    Delta : Mistical and Swik
    Echo : Sam

    so yeah that's just it all written out. So yeah just say who you want in your groups.

    1. So I'd be in a group with who?? ;D

    2. Who isn't in a group yet, I'm okay with anyone. :)

    3. I'm thinking Requiem can be in your group.

      And Dexter, China, Val and Skulduggery are up for grabs.

      Out of the list above you can pick up to two people for your group.

    4. Wait actually maybe Requiem can be in Sam's group because she hasn't been around for a bit and I don't think she's want us to put her character in a fight scene. She'd probably want to do it herself.

      So I think Requiem can be with Sam in Echo.

      Sorry about the mix up!

    5. Then Dexter and China? Or is anyone of us not in a group yet/ is it okay if it's the three people group?
      And maybe you could write the next part... :D

    6. Ok that cool!

      I think the groups are sorted then, unless anyone has any objections then this is how the groups will be:

      Alfa: Valice, China and Dexter
      Beta: Dynasty Chione, Skulduggery and Valkyrie
      Charlie: Duck Fletcher, Saracen and Woman
      Delta: Mistical and Swik
      Echo: Sam and Requiem

      Um yeah and if anyone sees Dynasty or Requiem please tell them to look at this and to tell me if they want something changed.

      ... um yeah and if I don't hear any disagreements from anyone in the next few days I'll assume that it's fine and I'll post the next chapter.