Monday, 18 November 2013

Mistical Future - To the Sanctuary

Mistical and Sam jogged to the meeting spot. Everyone was already there and Swik was explaining the direction of the Unnamed’s hide out. Swik stopped talking as they approached.
“He’s new” said Swik pointing to the spy over Mistical’s shoulder.
“Yeah, we caught the rat. This dude is the reason that we’re late” said Mistical
“Oh don’t worry about that you already knew the direction anyway” said Swik, “And what do you mean by rat?”
“Spy” said Sam simply
“So this guy is the reason that you were talking to me weirdly?” asked Duck
“Yep” said Sam, Duck inspected the man then shrugged
“What every you say” said Duck, “Oh and we have new members to the team even if it’s only temporary”
“Hi there Irish agents, I’m Sam Night” said Sam in a cheery voice.
“And I’m Mistical Future, nice to meet you all” said Mistical in a happy tone
“Ah I think we’ve met before. It was a few years ago” said Skulduggery, “You were being chases by and vampire you ended up on my car. Then you flung the vampire off a warehouse”
“Uh yes and no. I was being chases by a vampire and I did end up on your car but I didn’t fling the vampire off the warehouse uh, it was more like I pushed it off the warehouse” said Mistical looking sheepish.
“You’re lucky that my car wasn’t damaged” said Skulduggery
“Oh yes I was or I would have had a vampire and a skeleton with a gun chasing after me” said Mistical nodding.
“Yeah, and I was there for the event to” said Valkyrie
“Yeah” said Mistical rubbing the back of her head. “I can deal with vampires much better now that I have a sword”
“Anyway I’m Valkyrie Cain and this is Skulduggery Pleasant” said Valkyrie to Sam
“The man that needs no introduction” said Skulduggery
“Yes you do. Otherwise people will just think that you’re a talking science lab skeleton” said Dexter, “By the way I’m Dexter Vex” said Dexter puffing out his chest
“I’m Saracen Rue” said Saracen “And Skulduggery it’s rude not to introduce yourself when other have already introduced there selves” said Saracen smiling, Skulduggery just grumbled something.
“Well I’m glad that you’re not kids” said a woman, “We’re surrounded by them” she muttered, “It’s already hard enough just working with you Australians” muttered the woman in a harsh tone. Mistical almost dropped the guy that she was holding but she managed to pass him to Sam just in time.
“What did you say?” growled Mistical as she stood right in front of the woman. Mistical was a couple of inches taller than the woman and it made Mistical seem intimidating, “What’s so bad about us Aussies? Pommy” said Mistical in a bitter tone, “And what’s so bad about kids?”
“I- uh” stammered the woman.
“Hold him” said Sam passing the guy to Swik, then Sam stepped between Mistical and the woman, “Look whatever she said it couldn’t have been that bad” said Sam trying to calm the situation down. Mistical glared at the woman the woman a couple of seconds longer.
“Watch, your, tongue” said Mistical then she turned and walked away. The woman began to raise her hand but Sam gently grabbed it
“Do you want to lose it?” Sam hissed in her ear the woman immediately dropped her hand by here side. The Sam went and stood next to Mistical who now had the spy over her shoulder again.
“Well now that we’ve all introduced ourselves and had a uh, heart to heart conversation how about we figure out what to do now” said Saracen stepping into the centre of the circle that had formed.
“We have a spy that we could interrogate and possibly get some helpful information out of” said Sam
“Yes but we’re going to need to see if we can get him to talk” said Dexter
“I can read mines” said Requiem helpfully
“And China is in the Sanctuary” said Skulduggery, “She can make just about anyone talk”
“Well let’s go there” said Saracen, “The could be eyes watching out here”
“And ears listening” agreed Mistical
“Then let’s go inside” said Dynasty
“Ok then, everyone grab on” said Fletcher. Everyone linked arms, then there was a pop and everyone was in the Irish Sanctuary.

YAY Now we interrogate the spy! *Rubs hands together with an evil grin* MOHOHAHAHAHA!!!
"Misti no torturing the person" said Sam
*Misti's face falls*
"Ohw but I was looking forward to prodding his gentlemanly areas with a scolding hot iron bar!"
*Misti holds up a hot iron bar*
*Sam winces*
*Misti grins*
"No Misti just no. That is just plain cruelty" said Sam
*Misti's face drops again*
"No" said Sam
"Damn" said Mistical
*Misti clicks her fingers in disappointment*


    Awesome chapter Misti!! :)