Monday, 4 November 2013

Mistical Future - Splitting up

Fletcher dropped them off just outside Roarhaven.
“Ok so what are we looking for?” asked Fletcher
“We’re not sure” said Requiem
“Right” said Fletcher “So how are you going to find it?”
“Dam it’s cold” said Swik interrupting the conversation.
“I told you to bring a jacket” said Mistical,
“I did” said Swik hugging herself
“I did say that it was winter in Ireland” said Mistical,
“Whatever” said Swik rubbing her arms and trying to make herself warmer.
“Ok back to the matter at hand” said Dynasty, “Finding the Unnamed”
“We should have asked what we were looking for” said Sadia
“Oh well we can’t go back and ask them now. There looking everywhere for us” said Chonie
“So how are we going to find them?” asked Valice
“We could … uh well I don’t know” said Chonie
“Requiem can try and read their minds and find their location” said Sadia
“Yeah I can do that, but I’ll have to walk all the way around Roarhaven and that could take a while” said Requiem
“But it’ll work” said Sam looking up from his phone,
“What are you doing on your mobile this time?” asked Chonie
“Sending the little info that we have to the Australian Sanctuary and telling them where we are. I’m also asking if they could get the Irish Sanctuary to help out with our search” said Sam
“Well ok” said Chonie, “At least you’re doing something useful”
“Yeah that’ll help us out, we should get someone to meet the Irish Sanctuary agents if the Irish Sanctuary will help out” said Dynasty
“I’ll do it” said Duck, “I’m not going to be much use in finding them otherwise”
“Dose anyone else have any other ways of finding the Unnamed’s hideout?” asked Valice
“I could fly around and look for any buildings that might need checking out” said Swik
“I can run around Roarhaven and see if I can hear the Unnamed or someone familiar talking” said Mistical
“Is that all?” asked Duck, there was silence for a few moments
“Looks like it” said Mistical, “But Dynasty can’t you, you know sense your Vile or something?”
“Uh no, what gave you that idea” said Dynasty
“I don’t know I just thought that maybe you might be used to you dad’s prese and maybe if you got close you might you know detect it” said Mistical, “You know what that dose sound stupid when I say it aloud. But I was thinking because you would be used to the feel of his magic you might be able to find him when he’s close” everyone stared at Mistical like she was stupid, “Oh ok never mind it was just a random guess”
“Johnny would be a great help now, he found out where the Unnamed was the first time” said Duck
“I wish him a happy afterlife, may the brave fella rest in peace” said Mistical, “But I see no point in moaning over what we don’t have. We’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got”
“The Irish Sanctuary can spare five agent, they’ll be waiting for you, Duck outside the entrance to the Sanctuary” said Sam talking to Duck
“The rest of you that can’t track should split up with the people that can to help if we’re discovered and get in trouble” said Mistical
“Well unless any of you can suddenly fly I’m on my own. But I’ll get in contact if I need help or if I think I found the hideout” said Swik
“Ok then” said Mistical
“I’ll go with Requiem” said Sadia
“I’m going with Misti” said Sam
“Chonie, Dynasty and me will go with Duck and the other Sanctuary members” said Valice
“And I’ll hang out with the Sanctuary members to” said Fletcher
“Well that’s everyone sorted. Requiem which direction will you go around Raorhaven? Clockwise or anti-clockwise?” asked Mistical
“I’ll go clockwise” replied Requiem
“Ok then I’ll go anti-clockwise, we should cross paths at the opposite end and keep going around so we double-check each other’s work.” said Mistcal, “Ok so we keep in contact and meet back here?”
“Yeah we’ll meet back here” said Duck
“What are you guy’s going to do when you meet up with the other sanctuary agents?” asked Swik
“Um … we’ll split up and look I guess” said Dynasty,
Swik nodded, “Ok then” said Swik
“Are we all good to go?” asked Sam
Everyone said there agreements
“When I’m done I’ll come down to the nearest group and help them look” said Swik, “Alright then let’s go” said Swik then she extender her wings and launched up into the air and left behind a spray of snow.
“See you guys soon” said Sam and Mistical as they waved to everyone and started walking anti-clockwise around Roarhaven.
“Well we’re off” said Sadia
“Bye” said Requiem then her and Sadia walked off in the clockwise direction.
“Well we best get moving” said Duck as he turned and walked towards the Sanctuary
“Uh how about a quicker way there” said Fletcher
“Right” said Duck as he spun on his heals then grabbed onto Fletcher.

I tried to make everyone talk a fair bit. Sorry if you don't like how I split you guys up, but I kept you with your second character if you had one.
Dynasty, Duck and Valice you can sort out if you want to stick together or split up.
Again sorry if you didn't like how I split you up!


  1. Great work, Misti!
    Splitting up is a good idea so we can get more stories in the collab.

    I did like the bit at the end, very Duck...

    1. XD Thanks Duck I'm gad that you liked it!
      And I'm glad that I got you right! :D

  2. Great chapter Misti!! :)
    And finally the chance to meet the Irish detectives! ;D

    1. Thanks Valice!
      And maybe they'll have Skulduggery and Valkyrie amongst them, after all they'll need the best for this task! :D