Monday, 11 November 2013

Mistical Future - Found it?

“I hear something” whispered Mistical, “There’s a building about a kilometre away. It sounds really busy, there are lots of people running around and doing stuff”
“Is it what we’re looking for?” asked Sam in a hushed voice
“I don’t know, I don’t recognize any of the voices” replied Mistical
“Well ok” said Sam sounding a little annoyed. Mistical looked up and Sam did the same.
“Sup guys. Oh wait that’d be me” said Swik just before she landed
“Hey you stole my line!” said Mistical
“Hey I’m sorry but I’m the one who can fly” said Swik. Sam just face palmed when the argument started
“Guy’s not now” said Sam with irritation in his voice. Swik and Mistical both looked at him, “Oh no, you’re not scaring me off with your duo look” said Sam standing his ground.
“There’s a suspicious looking building over in that direction” said Swik pointing to a hill in the opposite direction from Roarhaven. There are a lot of people and they look like they’re moving lots of stuff” said Swik
“Yeah I think I just noticed that building” said Mistical
“Oh and I think I saw the Unnamed directing the people where to go” said Swik
“Really?” asked Mistical
“Yeah, a person covered in flames isn’t that difficult to tell apart from a long distance” replied Swik
“Well that makes sense” said Sam
“He mustn’t be talking, because I can’t hear him” said Mistical
“Yeah it just looked like he was giving directions with his hands, like a person that directs a plane to the place where they dock” said Swik
“That sound’s amusing” said Mistical smiling, “Now I’m imagining the Unnamed in a fluoro vest with orange plane director things”
“He looks weird” said Sam
“He dose” said Swik frowning
“Oh, yep that’s defiantly him” said Mistical, “I can hear him now”
“What happened?” asked Sam
“Someone dropped something” replied Mistical, “There getting a good shout now. And rant and rave goes the Unnamed” Mistical smiled, “Hey that rhymes! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it” said Misical grinning
Sam just rolled his eyes “Boy would I hate to be that guy now” said Sam
“Ditto” said Swik, “I’m going to tell everyone where the hideout is. Say we meet up back at the starting point in uh … ten minutes?”
“Yeah we might make it in that time, we’ll jog there” said Sam
“Ok see you two later” said Swik
“Bye” said Sam
“See you soon” said Mistical, then Swik launched into the air, “By the way our tailer is trying to contact someone”
“They are?” asked Sam
“Yeah, give me a second” said Mistical then she drew her sword and threw it at the walky-talky the spy was holding. It hit the walky-talky and the walky-talky was sliced in two. Before the spy had time to react Mistical was in front of him and grabbed him into a hold but he slipped from her grip. The spy spun to face Mistical and Mistical jumped to the left just before a stream of orange light hit where she just was. Mistical used the tree to swing herself around and grabbed a hold of the spy in a choke hold. The spy heated up his hands and energy crackled around them. The Spy grabbed onto Mistical’s arm. Mistical felt the heat but her coat protected her from the attack. The spy realised that there attack wasn’t working and started trying to find spots that weren’t covered by the jacket. Mistical tightened her grip, Dam if I don’t hurry up he’ll find a weak point and escape! Mistical grabbed her cuff between her teeth and pulled it up, covering more of her arm with her coat and trying to stop or delay the spy from finding a part that wasn’t covered. The spy started reaching for Mistical’s stomach, Crap! He’s going to reach an uncovered spot, Dam, dam, dam, dam! Mistical risked loosening her grip and cracked the spy’s head against a tree. The spy cried out and their arms shot out to where their head hit the tree. Then the spy then flopped unconscious, he used up the last of his breath when he cried out.
Mistical dropped the guy and cursed, “Dam you dude, dam you” said Mistical painting. Mistical grabbed her sword and flung the spy over her shoulder.
“Is that our guy?” asked Sam walking over
“Yep it is. Can you get the walky-talky?” said Mistical
“Sure” said Sam them he picked up the pieces of the walky-talky, “So we’re taking him with us to interrogate”
“Exacta!” said Mistical, “And we can’t leave him there especially if he’s going to talk”   
“No we most certainly cannot” said Sam in a posh voice
“Pommy” said Mistical
“Hey!” said Sam, “Don’t be call me that”
“Well your British, and you put on a posh voice”
“So what”
“Pommy” said Mistical again and Sam just made an irritated noise

I hope that it was good, I just did it bit by bit so it's probably not the best writing that I've done. Um yeah ...

Oh and Pommy refers to British people, it's a word uses by Aussies and Kiwis (New Zealanders).

Oh if you are British I honestly mean no offence that's just what Misti calls Sam sometimes (generally in a playful manner).


  1. Great chapter Misti, now we now where the Unnamed is!!! :)

  2. I do like Swik's line at the start. Is is odd that I laughed out loud from that?

    Altogether it was a great chapter, Misti!

  3. Thanks you guys!

    And no Duck I don't think it odd that you laughed aloud for that. I'm glad that you enjoyed the line enough to laugh! XD